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Being a GC only working with existing aged structures for the past 12 plus years, I can share the following of what I have seen and learned: 1. Trend or classic has everything to do with geography (part of the country), the lifestyle, and culture of the area. 2. Colored appliances, overly shiny anything, and an inability to stand up to use, are trendy. 3. If one's home resembles the cleanliness of a 12-person party frat/sorority house, no matter how current, outdated, or high-end the decor, it will never look or feel like a home, let alone a home that is classic or trendy. 4. One can have the most outdated decor, but if it's clean (not sterile), well-maintained and feels like a home, it will always stand the test of time.

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3/18/12 11:16 AM