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Turquoise is a serene color, good for our nervous systems. I love BM's minty, cool Greenwood Lake the best.

Paint Color Portfolio: Turquoise Bathrooms
9/17/13 10:18 AM

I voted for Dill Pickle because it makes the pinks "pop" and come to life. You mentioned a recent purchase of a red rug and the same Color Contrast principle applies.

Help Me Choose the Right Color:
10 Paint Possibilities

7/25/12 04:35 PM

Your post about leaving a house hit me, it was beautiful. Once, I forgot to tell a house "goodbye" and had to return to bid farewell to our former home. It inspired a poem:

Goodbye House

The trouble with moving is that one time,
in my haste to move, I forgot to tell my
house of ten years “Goodbye,” never knowing
this would bother me, but it did.

It became imperative to return and I drove
many miles back to the old abode, remembering
while on the journey all the sweet and
good times that happened there as well as
the sad ones we all endured.

Once I arrived, and pulled my car to the curb,
I said farewell to the façade
of our former shelter, knowing my attachment was
to the moments I cherished in my heart
not the bricks and mortar of its four walls.

Saying Farewell to a Home
3/16/12 12:05 PM