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Something is off in the compositions and space planning. For example in the living room with the beautiful red chest with the TV butted up next to the window. Me the viewer gets torn as to which focal point to view. Plus if the sun comes in that window then the TV has lost its function completely. One way to create easiness on the eye is to let everything has its space. So when I look at the photo of the dining room the chairs are way to close to the table. They become one and just by moving the chairs out a bit it will allow the chairs to claim "their space" and "show up" ... so a few examples of what I saw as unrest in the house. .... the other unrest might just be from the photographer's compositions. Like the photo of Michael. I love that he is color coordinated with the artwork and I would have liked him sitting smack dab in the center of the couch.

Michael's Creatively Curated Home House Tour
3/16/12 07:49 AM