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Unless you get a lucky Craigslist break, I would stay away from $800 leather sofas. They are not going to be good quality leather and you are better off going with a textile. Cheap leather furniture will crack and after awhile it behaves like it has been laminated or bonded even if it is real leather.
However, on a bigger budget you will find that Restoration Hardware has options that are a perfect middle ground for your two tastes!!

Help Settle Sofa War?
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3/15/12 10:27 PM

I wouldn't paint the iron. The new coat of paint will eventually chip drive you nuts. Don't do it! The metal looks great as-is. Recover the seats and enjoy! Maybe you could consider a corduroy or velvet solid, something putty colored or bronze with a lot of texture and warmth to contrast with the rigid cold metal? Could be very Restoration Hardware - meets - Kartell if you went with a bold color, though.

Keep Or Overhaul Wrought Iron?
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3/15/12 10:20 PM

I had a similar problem while living in a furnished rental in Singapore for a year. I decided to liven-up the neutral palette with pops of bright orange and red using cheap accent pieces all over like a trash bin next to the desk, bright pots with houseplants and bright pencil cups or coasters. A little color and greenery goes a long way! I also tried to combine my nesting in Singapore with souvenir shopping, and bought ethnic textiles that I folded neatly to temporarily cover chairs or open freestanding shelving (ok, I used a stapler sometimes, but it looked good!). Even placemats or plastic trays that are unique and special can do double duty as coffee table decoration and then are compact keepsakes in your suitcase home. Try buying a few of each inexpensive piece- I used matching Indian "placemats" (they were more like small plastic trays) on the cofffee table to hold remotes and by the front door for keys and change. You should feel free to experiment because if you decide that that throw blanket is not your favorite, certainly a friend or family member will appreciate it as a gift when you are back home. I am sure that in Chile there are amazing handcrafted baskets and textiles in addition to pottery pieces that you could find to create your own Santiago paradise!
Also don't forget that a big bowl of fresh local fruit does wonders, is inexpensive and edible too!!
PS I love the chairs to the right in the photo, actually.

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3/15/12 10:07 PM

The Container Store carries this great little steel cabinet that is perfect for your bathroom! I have been wanting it for awhile and secretly hope our next apartment calls for it. If you have a store location near you, go see it in person. It is great quality and I love how the bins swing out.

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3/15/12 09:48 PM