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Ummmm... just in regards to the remote dimmers. What's wrong with a bedside lamp? It hasn't let me down in a lifetime of use.

Sleep Tight & Wake Up Right
3/27/12 03:51 AM

We live in Wellington, New Zealand and we pay weekly here, not monthly. We have a 2br top floor apartment in a seven floor building in the entertainment district and pay $430pw (currently about $350USD), although we do live on top of a backpackers hostel so it's a little cheaper than some similar places.

This may seem low, but the reality is that the gap between the minimum wage and the experienced worker salary isn't that big, minimum wage is about to go to $13.50ph and is still rising, so it's hard to get a payrise because it's so expensive to employ unskilled people.

My husband is a butcher and I'm a retail manager, and percentage wise we don't get paid much more than that figure up there. Even so we're more than comfortable and don't need a flatmate to get by, so I should probably shut up and stop complaining :P

What's the Highest & Lowest Rent You'd Pay in Your City? Survey
3/15/12 06:44 PM