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I moved here almost 10 years ago from Germany and it's a different world compared to home. Ditto all the Foxtons comments. There are some other agencies, which should be avoided, if in doubt google them. There is also a agency rating website which you could have a look at. You might be able to get around the student stigma by being prepared e.g showing were the money will come from which you'll pay the rent with (copy of scholarships if you have).

Especially if you go with a private landlord make sure they are registered with the deposit scheme. You'll find some reading material at (tenancies, deposits & rent).

And lastly check that you have a six month break clause in the contract. That should enable you to leave quickly if the appartement/house turns out to be a nightmare.

A Renter's Life in London: How To Find that Perfect Flat Renters Solutions
3/15/12 11:21 AM