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I completely relate to this! After 10 days on the road down the coast of Oregon & California, I was in LA with a craving for any and everything cold & green. I find myself craving greens things like that nowadays even when just hungry vs my old eating habits, so that's actually kind of neat.

What I Call \"Eating Like I'm on Vacation\" Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
6/3/14 02:12 PM

I've owned a home the last 4 years (bought at age 23) and I'm happily selling it at the moment. For me, I'd love to buy another house in the future, but I'm happy to rent for a year or two. I found a great space for now with an even better (low) rental price. It gives me a little more flexibility both financially (equity is paying off debts) and I will be able to travel/take time to find the next city I want to spend a good amount of time in when ready to buy again.

Renting vs. Owning in the Digital Age
5/16/14 02:00 PM

love it all!!! great work. I love seeing all the art & how the colors work together.

Matt & Mel's Animated Abode House Tour
5/13/14 05:11 PM

I spent $450 on a white leather couch 4 years ago that has held up nicely with 2 dogs & 1 small jumping child. It seemed like a LOT then compared to the $50 craigslist find years before (mid century walnut, NOT practical). I have spent what felt like YEARS searching for a sofa for my new place that was under $500 and not a brown blob of fluff or basic dorm room swag. I realize that what I want and what is real do not go hand in hand. But I just can't justify spending more than $1K since I live alone and rarely have guests over.

My dream couch is a teal sectional that sits pretty at about $5K :D

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Sofa?
5/13/14 04:47 PM

i like it :)

Before & After: A Cupboard's Rustic Charm Lives On
5/7/14 01:17 PM

I just got my GOODBYN in the mail after a half off sale on gilt.com. So far, I love it! For me it's easier to ensure a balanced lunch with 3 compartments and the tiny water bottle that came with it is great for salad dressings. It's compact enough to fit in the busy work fridge and it's super easy to clean.

Leak-Proof Food Containers For Lunch
3/14/12 05:13 PM