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Roberto is incorrect, you certainly can put in an offer on a rental flat in London. I got my flat for £150 less a month than it was advertised for. With the rental market being as hot as it is however you might find landlords are able to get the asking price very quickly so won't negotiate, but its always worth asking, especially if you've got great references or are willing to move straight away (if the property is vacant). On the flip side for a property in a particularly desirable area you might find yourself in a bidding war and end up agreeing on more than the rent initially being asked. My number one tip would be to be decisive, make friends with the local agents so they tell you about properties before they go online and then be decisive if you like somewhere as property goes FAST. I got my lovely zone 3 art deco flat by being super quick, viewed at 9am the day it came on the market, offered at 10am, price agreed by 10.30am and contracts signed and deposit / fees paid by midday (after frantic calls to my 2 flatmates at the other end of the country). By this point two other viewings had happened and one other offer! We got the place by agreeing to move in and start paying that week.

A Renter's Life in London: How To Find that Perfect Flat Renters Solutions
3/14/12 04:18 PM