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Squirrels are the new owl and always have been.

Trendspotting: Foxes Are the New Owls
12/12/12 02:16 PM

The sheep ottoman is awful, and so are the cupcake pillows. I get it... I suppose, but I dont think they fit in with the rest of the house at all. They both look like they belong in a childs bedroom.

The dark grey in the bedroom is great, as well as the blue in the bathroom. Love the teal dresser and pretty much everything else; just cant get past that sheep thing, gross.

Tami & Chase's Schindler Rental House Tour
11/16/12 08:58 AM

Personally I have a seperate Hand towel in the kitchen for drying clean hands. I would never whip my hands on a dish towel ew. I hang my hand towel on the inside of the door below the sink so that it doesnt get mistaken as a dish towel

Ten Household Items You Can Clean in One Minute (And Probably Should)
6/28/12 10:30 AM

These look amazing!! They are so much more fun to look at then cotton fluffy towels... And my biggest pet peeve is when my towel isnt fully dry. I'm getting some! Thanks for the comments to attest to using them as bath towels!

Summer Want: Turkish Bath Towels
5/18/12 02:23 PM

SGGVT04, thank you for pointing this out. I was actually scanning the comments to see if someone had already mentioned it and sure enough you had. I registered just so I could point out that the Flag was hanging incorrectly. I am glad someone else noticed too.

I don't really understand how you could decorate a room with a flag and not check to make sure you are using the correct flag etiquette. Especially when it comes to the United States Flag.

2 Perfect Rooms: Brother & Sister Style Desire to Inspire
3/14/12 03:24 PM