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Hand bar stools! Please tell me where you got those! So cool!

Lynne's Antique Barn Outdoor Kitchen My Great Outdoors
6/26/12 01:02 PM

Hehe Like the title of the post: "Get Lit"! Yes, let's.

Get Lit: DIY Wine Bottle Torch J. Paris Designs
6/14/12 12:12 PM

More pics of the pup! :)

Clytie & Claudia's Storied Pieces House Tour
6/12/12 05:07 PM

LOL at the comments in the post. Ghetto at it's finest! hahahahahahahahaha

Simple & Smart: Air Conditioner Installation Tip
6/12/12 01:11 PM

What is the name of that app for the clock screen saver on the Mac. I keep seeing it! And need this for my comp! Please let me know. Thanks! :)

RJ & Francis' LA Arts District Loft House Call
6/6/12 02:50 PM

Definitely my fav so far! Love love love this!

Anthony & Gregory's 1912 Contemporary Craftsman
House Tour

6/5/12 11:23 AM

What color/brand of paint is this?
It's lovely.

Dark Gray Walls Add Dining Room Drama Roomarks
6/5/12 11:18 AM

What kind of dog is that? It's completely adorable!

Clytie & Claudia's Storied Pieces House Tour
6/5/12 11:14 AM

I think you should use this opportunity to dig out all the old crap you don't want anymore and sell it in yard sale. (More money to put away to your moving out fund). Also check with your parents. Since you are probably going to be living there under temporary basis why not help them out (sort of as a thank you to them) by transitioning the room into a nice guest bedroom space. If you do invest any money into it, let it nice sheets and artwork that you can bring with you when you move out once and for all!

Moving Back Home Without Returning to High School Style? Good Questions
6/5/12 11:07 AM

Tear that sucker out!

How To Revamp Old, Broken Built-Ins? Good Questions
5/16/12 09:02 AM

I noticed a lot of these names mirror the names of the babies from MTV's Teen Mom (my guilty pleasure- sorry!) Perhaps Teen Mom isn't proving to be as good as a birth control method as it is for me.. :)

2011's Most Popular Baby Names
5/15/12 02:57 PM


Take or Leave This Craigslist Find? Good Questions
5/14/12 09:45 AM

Um... can APARTMENT therapy please stick to what it used to do best- DESIGN! This article is so random it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Why Does My Partner Watch Porn?
Answers to all the questions you've ever wanted to ask about your relationships

5/12/12 06:56 AM

Love this! My apt is in the process of looking very similar with the grays/black/white.

Kristi's Head Over Heels Small Cool Contest
4/26/12 12:57 PM

I like Lady Gaga's bedroom! :) Totally my colors.

Sex, Sleep and Rock & Roll: 17 Musicians' Bedrooms
3/30/12 03:48 PM

I noticed that people were commenting about the dust ruffle/bed skirt drawing in more dirt under the bed and wanting to get rid of it. The way to get rid of it AND camouflaging your box spring is to just put a fitted sheet on the box spring. Hope that tip helps! :)

What's Under Your Bed? Reader Survey
3/23/12 01:58 PM

I love IKEA.

I'd like to add another item to "8 Good Things at IKEA".

The Swedish meatballs! :) Yum! Can't beat a cheap meal while spending a Saturday in IKEA.

IKEA is my happy place.

8 Good Things at IKEA
3/21/12 12:49 PM

I currently live in NYC (Washington Heights)
I live in a 1 bedroom and pay $1450/month. Includes water.
No laundry facilities. Electric and Gas are not included.

I wouldn't pay less than $1100 or more than $1500.

What's the Highest & Lowest Rent You'd Pay in Your City? Survey
3/13/12 02:31 PM