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i routinely make avocado mash for my boyfriend and i. 1 avocado + a pinch each of salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and garlic powder + 2 slices of whole wheat toast each. very few breakfasts come close to this simple guy.

we also jazz up our home fries by adding in as much colour as we can. in one pan, we'll get our potatoes going and in another, we'll cook up colourful peppers, edamames, tomatoes, spinach, whatever you have around. add in some garlic power, salt and pepper and paprika. when the veg is just about done cooking, put in a can of beans. we like white beans because of the colouring, but once again whatever you have around is good. then toss with your cooked potatoes and you're set.

Stuck in a Breakfast Rut? Add Some Color!
3/5/13 01:03 PM

How nice it would be to design my home after my personal colour pallet! Light pinks, Maude's, whites and off whites and golds... That my partner and his comic book style would hate. But Godspeed to those with total control.

Creating Your Perfect Color Palette Style by Emily Henderson
12/16/12 09:06 PM

why is the baby's bed so big? is this one of 6 babies that all sleep in the same bed?

How to Make Your Baby Fly PetaPixel
5/25/12 04:45 PM

what about when you use your computer a lot and the cute yellow 'a' key turns into a putrid snot colour? if i take the tape off, will it be sticky underneath?

Colorful Keyboard Makeover With Masking Tape minifanfan
5/25/12 04:43 PM

many people do still think the earth is in 'just a phase' that'll work itself out, or refuse to believe that climate change has been because of/made faster by human activity. as it driving a billion cars every day makes no difference to our fragile ozone..

anyways, wish you could have linked to canada's climate zone guide. i mean, i know there's only 34 785 000 people up here, but some of us wouldn't mind an article that gave us a hint of thought. for my fellow canadians:

Gardening Basics: How to Find Your Gardening Zone
5/2/12 12:36 PM

i think i will have an adult home if i can manage to keep at least one bottle of wine in the wine rack before it disappears. if i bought enough to stock, i would drink enough to stock...

Do You Live In A Grownup House?
4/27/12 01:43 PM

who cares if you use the day to think about jesus raising from the dead after 3 days. make it whatever works for you and your family. i'd be just fine if there was more imaginative family days and less structured religion in this world.

Magic Jelly Beans for Easter See Jane Blog
3/19/12 04:35 PM

just cook a bit of extra when you're making dinner and you're set. instead of 85 grams of pasta like i'd have for dinner, i cook 55-60 grams and bulk out the rest with fruits and veg. worst case scenario, black beans plus half an avocado, salad from the grocery store (using half the pack of light italian dressing), or fruit and yogurt if i'm not too hungry.

Our Best Tips & Ideas to Help You Eat a Fabulous Lunch at Work Best Tips from The Kitchn
3/19/12 03:45 PM

it's hard to imagine even the most basic repair being paid for by rent. good for them, though.

New York Rent Control's Biggest Deal is in SoHo Design News 03.19.12
3/19/12 03:31 PM

i decorate with books all the time - i pull them out to read or to reference and then they stay on the coffee table because i'm a slob. but you know what? it looks great 100% of the time.

as others have said above, everything in moderation. my bathroom has an orange couter-top, and it's bossy. i'd be a fool not to incorporate some mcm. i kept everything on the clean side with ikea's lillholmen series, soft grey and white for most textiles, with some punches of orange to repeat the colour. i diy'd my own shower curtain and you'd never kn ow. it fits my space exactly and it was half the price of the one i priced out at the bay. using this trend keeps me away from another trend - dysfunctional decoration.

word art is the worst, truly. instead of letting us know 'the world is beautiful!' could you not have found an example? laquered anything has a special home in hell, in my opinion.

Been There, Done That: Designers Weigh In On "Worst Trends"
Elle Decor

3/19/12 03:26 PM

toronto, canada

lowest would be 1200, highest would be 1700... hard to save for a down payment paying any more than that!

p.s. AT - would not mind if you paid attention to canada as you did the states.. we speak the same language (mostly) and share much of the same climate (in terms of weather, economical and social).

What's the Highest & Lowest Rent You'd Pay in Your City? Survey
3/13/12 02:03 PM

the picture doesn't work!

How To: Add Glass Plant Shelves to a Window
3/13/12 01:58 PM

perfect inspiration for my parents' house. now if only i had time to get the job done...

Smart Space Planning: An Inspiring Attic Studio Hemidemisemiquaver
3/13/12 01:44 PM