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Monica, I've done this diet and loved it. I would stay away from nuts and beans at first, to make sure you're watching any colon or allergy issues. Lemon and lime are fine for seasoning and a great salad dressing. I avoided fish at first as well, since that is a comimon allergy. Be sure to journal EVERYTHING, it's tedious, but necessary, you'll be glad you did. The first week is hardest, but don't get discouraged, you'll look and feel great by middle of week two! Take your time when you reintroduce foods back in.

My face dish: chicken breast marinated in lime and garlic then baked. Have it with an avocado and sea salt and a baked sweet potato on the side, so yummy!

Yes, you can have eggs, I could anyway.

Tips for Eating Well on an Elimination Diet?Health Questions
3/13/12 08:09 AM