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I love me some Bill Withers! thanks for the link, snatched one right up.

Apartment Therapy - Sweet Deal: Hersk's Greatest Hits Print on Sale
10/4/07 02:52 PM

I buy sheet sets at Marshalls. I aim for 400 tc, or a little higher. It seems to be a sweet spot. Lower isn't high enough, too much higher enters the realm of what I like to call "bullshit." I've gotten some amazingly soft sheet sets in good colors. Takes a bit of scavenging but I walked away with a beautiful set for about 80 bucks not long ago.

Apartment Therapy - Bedding on a Budget?
8/30/07 12:23 PM

In case this helps--

I paint one wall at a time. Sometimes weeks go by in between. I'm a busy person, but I actually enjoy painting, so I just kind of work around my schedule. The cool thing is you don't really have to move everything in the room. You just push it away from the wall you're working on. Way easier. Push it all back when it's dry and you can live in the room between attacking the various walls.

I recently painted my office and boy was I glad I sprung for small cans of Ralph Lauren paint to sample (they also sell little tiny sample packs but they didn't have the color I wanted and I didn't want to wait for an online order). Also, since I was painting the room one wall at a time, it gave me a moment to live with the color and really figure out if I loved it. Which I did. But if I didn't, I'd only have had to repaint one wall instead of four.

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4/19/07 12:03 PM