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If someone isn't around and their land line/cell rings, and he/she is not around to pick up, I'll note the time and tell the owner at the first available moment. That goes for everybody, unless explicitly told to answer.

The only time anyone other than myself answered my cell was when my wife answered because I was driving, and an important call was coming in. (At the time, I was "on duty" 24/7.) The only time I've answered a land line not my own was when I went to my parents' home, and I hadn't lived there for years. ("I'm the son/brother of >resident<, may I take a message?")

@francaisejolie I'm from Boston, so I don't believe it's just a Midwest thing

Do You Answer the Phone at Someone Else's Home?
4/6/12 04:54 PM

This is a great way to get into Asian foods, especially for folks who are squeamish about trying new or different things. Other than the gim, if following her recipe, it's all leftovers or products that is already in the household, possibly having been consumed by all. And if the picky/finicky eater has already eaten the food cooked, how can they demur to eating it cold?

Lunch from Leftovers: Make Rice and Seaweed Rolls
3/16/12 03:49 PM

My mother made this while I was growing up. Scrambled eggs and ground pork I remember, but I can't recall any other ingredients.

I'm sure adding fried garlic, furikake, or nori flakes would be delicious toppings. For those who need a sauce: oyster sauce, srirachi, sweet thai chili sauce? (Remember that less is more.) So many variations on this dish.

Great dish to try at least once.

Recipe: Korean-Style Steamed EggsRecipes from The Kitchn
3/12/12 07:13 PM

While watching internet videos, some "first-time sushi diners" choke and gag on California rolls. What is their problem? It's essentially cucumber, crab/krab, avocado/cream cheese, rice and nori. For me, avocado was the only item I was leery of (family didn't eat it), and I can conceptualize nori as eating a seaweed Fruit Roll Up. Other than those two, I just can not fathom the ick factor. Eating history and dietary restrictions is important to note, of course, but come on. How I wish folks would gateway with the cooked versions (ebi, unagi, tomago et al) first.

Sushi Story: History Behind the California Roll
Gourmet Live

3/12/12 06:47 PM