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Does anyone know where the desk/table is from? Thanks!

A Rainbow Bright Sewing Station Roomarks
9/7/12 01:02 PM

Rob Lowe's autobiography, "Stories I Only Tell My Friends", was a surprisingly great audio book, partly because Rob Lowe narrates it himself. I wasn't so sure about this book, but it got great reviews and, as a product of the brat pack generation (for better or worse!), I thought I would give it a try. I got the audio version for free during a promo, so I listened to the book while I power cleaned my house and on a couple of road trips. I definitely see Rob Lowe in a new light now, and it was an interesting peek into young Hollywood at the time. I think only RL himself could have told the story. Highly recommend. (Thanks for the rec's here. I'd only ever tried one other audio book and it was awful. I like the audio option, but will only choose from lists like this!)

The Best Narrated Audio Books
3/12/12 05:00 PM

I love love iPad, but I'm sticking with Kindle for bare-bones book reading. The backlight on the iPad irritates my eyes when reading for more than 30 min at time, and, although I'm a techy gadget girl, I actually love that my Kindle is not only an escape from everyday life, but it's an escape from email, web, texts, blips, bleeps, etc.! It's the one device that I actually don't want multi-tasking ability!

Why I'm Ditching an E-Reader for the New iPad
3/12/12 04:51 PM