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Wow. Just gorgeous... until our 3, 4 , and 5 year old boys and our two english mastiffs were let in the front door and all over that white sofa.
I guess I am just jealous :)

Danielle's Charming, Classic Walk-Up House Tour
5/25/13 08:09 PM

We had the fortune of having three boys in three years. We started out with a baby bathtub and it took up most of our very small bathroom. By the time we got to #3, I just piled the other two in the bath, got on my knees by the tub, cradled his tiny head in my hand and let him float in the water. He loved it and it only took me two kids to figure it out.

My Small Home: Skipping the Baby Bathtub
5/22/13 04:15 PM

We have had open shelving for years and have never had a problem- and we cook...a lot. I think the main thing to keep in mind though is one needs adequate ventilation (meaning a serious vent hood, etc...). When we recently remodeled, a great vent hood was way up on our needs list. No greasy cookbooks here!!

Beautifully Organized: Kitchens
1/15/13 06:08 AM

This cluttered-cool house is exactly what I would have imagined for myself in my early thirties (had I had expendable income and no children). Sadly, my house is just cluttered...

Nicole & Aaron's Paris-Inspired Loft House Tour
11/21/12 08:01 PM

We have had a Kura (actually two of them) for several years. We read stories all the time to the kiddos in their bed without having given it a second thought. Also, it may be it the comments somewhere, but one is obligated to purchase the Ikea mattresses to fit perfectly in the Kura bed space (The cheaper Ikea mattresses are slightly different size than US twin size and also thinner so that it is really snugged into the top bunk).

10 Ways to Customize the Kura Loft Bed
11/18/12 06:22 AM

Beautiful room. My one caveat (as a mom of three boys under the age of five) is that the wonderful shelf beside the crib will soon have everything hurled off it onto the floor while sweet Michael is "lulling" himself to sleep. Second, you will be surprised how quickly Michael will grow agile enough to scale to very top of it. He looks so teeny tiny now...

Michael's Playful Room To Grow Nursery Tour
11/12/12 06:07 AM

Lovely nursery. They will quickly figure out the logistics of practicality soon enough when they welcome baby Elsa. Until then, beautiful room.
When we had our third child (three boys in three years), we were sure as hell not buying another crib. We zip tied the crib rails together- not exactly a AT moment, but whatever works, right?

Elsa's DIY & Vintage Nursery Nursery Tour
9/15/12 08:38 PM

Holy Smokes!
Thanks for the tour- loved every minute of it. Ditto the comments from above. Would love to see pictures from your previous home.

Keith & Fran's Arty Geodesic Dome Home House Tour
3/30/12 06:21 AM

I love it. I am tiring of the totally recreated AT vignette- aesthetic that is is seen in most house tours (As in, yes, four glass vases of blooming roses placed right beside your baby's changing pad is a wonderful idea). Bill, I love that your bed is unkept and that your SonicCare toothbrush is right where you left it. Refreshing.

Bill's Story-Filled San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/27/12 09:14 PM

As a mother of three boys (3 kids in three years), I would give a rocker/glider/comfy chair a big fat yes! The glider I used was not pretty (and I was very glad to kick it to the curb when I was done with it), but I got it used at a consignment store for practically pennies. As far as upholstered expensive rockers (aka Pottery Barn) that might would actually look OK in a living room- remember repeated projectile spit up stains are not as easy to remove as one would think...
The few things I think are a necessity for a rocker/glider are:
-ability to rest one's head on it for lots of late night feedings (that means the cute modernist rockers are out)
-Some sort of upholstered arms for comfy elbow resting
- Ottoman/stool of some sort.
Good luck!

Is a Glider or Rocker a Nursery Necessity? Nesting a Nursery
3/12/12 02:50 PM