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Don't forget the chairs! They're the most comfortable office chairs known to man!

Killy & Oliver's Hidden Home Office
9/10/10 11:46 AM

Yes, great use of space, and the living room looks so light and cozy. I'd really like to know the name of the paint color in the dining/bookshelf area. Been looking for a color just like that for my living room.

Inspiration: Orange Door's Narrow Home Flickr Finds | Apartment Therapy DC
4/16/10 11:39 AM

So fun! I love the bedroom setup and particularly the worn-in dresser. The combo of the old furniture patina and the sleek midcentury style works really well.

Genny's Mid-Century Modern Rental House Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/26/10 08:36 PM

Own the space. It's a nook, and nooks should be cozy, so make it cozy.

Add a narrow rug or kitchen mat that fits well in front of the stove and fridge to fill in the extra floor space. If you can paint, paint the wall behind the appliances. Add a small shelf or pot rack above the stove to balance out the height. Those three simple things could really make the area look like it belongs there.

How to Make New Kitchen Look Less Awkward? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/24/10 07:22 PM

I have a hoosier-style cabinet with the original stenciled motif on the upper cabinet doors, but the flaking paint around the stenciling is hardly even attached anymore. Is it still best to leave it as is and just be very careful with those doors?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Vintage Furniture: When to Leave the Finish As-Is
10/7/09 10:40 AM

The shape of these chairs looks identical to an old chair I had for a while with original upholstery and the (gigantic) matching ottoman. I couldn't find any markings on it, either, but it might be a clue anyway.

I only have access to this photo from my work computer. I might have a better one at home. We covered the seat with a blanket because it was torn, but it was tufted.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Help me identify these chairs?? Good Questions
9/25/09 09:08 AM

All the lighting in there is spot on! Thanks for a great post!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Galaxy Cafe Has Austin Seeing StarsAustin, Texas
7/12/08 05:52 AM

I might finally leave my bedroom!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Eos 100T1RB Wireless Audio System#comments#comments
5/22/08 05:21 PM