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Wow, pretty much total love for the living/dining/kitchen. I wondered what that fabric on the ottoman in the living room and the pillows on the bench in the dining was? It's so pretty!

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8/9/11 03:23 PM

Like spotonmeg, I'd paint it a nice, warm yellow. I don't know what the colour she mentioned looks like, but I'd choose something like Behr's quiet veranda. I'd probably leave the cabinets as is, at least for awhile to see if they look better with your other changes. If you do paint them, I'd probably choose a grey to go in with your tile. I'd also add artwork above the toilet with a bit of burgundy in it, maybe even a little grey if you end up leaving the cabinets be. Definately a patterned shower curtain if you can find something that'd tie tie the colours together, but white always works, too.

I also agree with kjansson about the tray o' stuff. A few pretty bottles and things could go a long way.

Lastly, despite what everyone's been saying, I'd keep the mirror. I'm not totally sure based on the tiny corner I can see, but it looks like it might suit the feel you mentioned. At least, I wouldn't go looking for a new mirror and just replace it if something jumped out at me.

Good luck, and I hope you let us know what you decide! :)

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