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This is my favorite! Love the yellow wall, love the shelves, love love love the plants.

Adam's Blank Slate
4/12/11 08:08 PM

Average home sure, but isn't this apartment therapy? I wouldn't call those small apartments.

Great Small Spaces: 900 to 1200 Square Feet Inspiration from Small Cool 2009 | Apartment Therapy DC
4/8/10 12:58 PM

I love this. She is so much fun.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Peek Inside Kelly Wearstler’s Hollywood Mansion Vogue
9/22/09 05:42 PM

Woah! I'm blown away. Love love love it--especially the wall colours.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Call: Deanna's New DigsLos Angeles
5/28/09 09:52 PM

"One should never be the oldest thing in one's house." -- Thanks to Patsy Stone for that one.

Apartment Therapy DC | What Is Your Favorite Piece of Decorating Advice?
5/28/09 04:45 PM

I am fond of 30 minutes of cleaning and organization each evening--no more, and sometimes less. ;) Whatever gets done in that time is what gets done, and it's usually enough.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Are We Addicted To Org Porn? Everything (Almost) In Its Place
5/26/09 03:59 PM

@Anokha: The Phulkari duvet cover at Anthropologie is quite lovely.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Pretty in Pink: How Much Pink Do You Have in Your Home?
3/6/09 02:07 PM

Now THIS one is my favorite so far. The colors work very well together. If this were my home I would never leave!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #21 Lori's Latin Lair
10/15/08 07:49 AM

Love, love, LOVE this! Lovely colours and arrangements.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #22 Dave Melanie's Craftsman Color
10/15/08 07:38 AM

Regarding safety: I had stacked EXPEDITs in my last apartment for over a year and they never showed any signs of falling over or falling apart. Oh, and they weren't fastened to the wall either. They seemed to work fine. I've seen them stacked that way inside the IKEA in Brisbane too.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Philip and Tania's Stacked EXPEDITs
9/17/08 01:23 PM

Welcome to Montreal!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Assembling IKEA's Knappa Lamp Sans Instructions
8/7/08 12:44 PM

Horizon 9 would be a comfort (literally) in my very hard-floored and empty apartment after recently selling everything and moving from one hemisphere to another!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thursday Giveaway: Amy Butler Pillows
5/22/08 02:54 PM