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What's particularly lovely is that these photos reflect the way people really LIVE--books, clutter, plants, messy sofas and all. There are NO stylists here--and thankfully, it's LOVELY to see.

Meet the Original Brooklyn Hipsters Dinanda Nooney Photo Collection at NYPL
2/7/14 01:44 PM

i'm going out on a limb here + saying sweet virbrations--it brings color + definition into the space w/o being too overpowering. it's warmer--too, which i think you need to complement artwork + rug.

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7/24/12 12:33 PM

Oh, so love this. How can anyone NOT love this house and Mitch. Esp. loved the pool and bar :)

Another all time favorite, definitely post worthy: the evil doer's (ala the VanDamn's) house in North Dakota in North by Northwest--truly magnificent.


Ranch Style Inspiration from The Parent Trap
Hooked on Houses

2/23/11 06:18 PM

Audrey M--you are absolutely right about seeing this in a magazine. It was in the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE about 5-6 years ago! Even so, it's magnificent. However, for me personally, it's far too grand a space for creating--I think better smaller.

Tom Kundig just won a National Design Award this week as per the NY TIMES. If you think the brain is cool--check out THE TREEHOUSE with wheels! Only about 700 square feet but built on 40 acres!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Brain by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects
5/22/08 04:44 AM