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I agree that the two new bottom stairs are great, but I'm curious about why you decided to re-design them so that the original extended curve is gone. Was it to save floor space in the hall? You've clearly put a lot of thought into this project, so if you could give some background on that decision, I'd be grateful!
Changing the location of the light switches and the front hall overhead fixture make a lot of sense. All of our switches are at the bottom of the stairs right now, as well (switches for the outdoor front porch light, front hall overhead fixture, upstairs hall overhead, and living room overhead fixture.) This makes for a confusingly large number of options to choose from even though we've lived in this house for 20 years, and an inconvenient location to turn on 3 of the 4 lights.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Stair Repair Renovation Diary
7/17/14 11:50 AM

Michow is correct - there isn't an option to put in a closet underneath the stairs, because that's where the basement stairs go down.

Looking forward to the next installment!

Introducing Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/9/14 09:36 AM

This (before and after" will be particularly interesting for me. My 1913 house in North Bay, Ontario, Canada has exactly the same ground floor layout as Mike and Sandie's (I have been told that Sears shipped the finished lumber and kits for these houses out by rail to cities all over Canada in the early 1900's.) Our North Bay neighbourhood has many very similar houses of this vintage; it's always fun to see what different owners do with them.

Introducing Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/8/14 03:01 PM

Oh, look, it's the mother-in-law! Love # 1, can't wait until one of my daughters gets married, that kind of shot will be obligatory.

A Gallery of Creative Wedding Photo Ideas
6/10/13 01:29 PM

Good old corned beef hash is also an excellent camping meal if you're meat-eaters. Cubed leftover boiled potatoes, chopped onion, mix with a can of corned beef, pepper. Pat into hot greased frying pan, fry over low to medium heat, flip after it's brown and crispy, and brown on the other side. Good with lots of ketchup.

What Are Some Recipes for Camping or Backpacking Don't Need Refrigeration? Good Questions
6/7/13 04:13 PM

One of my family's go-to camping meals on canoe trips is dal and rice. Red lentils cook up super quickly, as does the brown rice. We carry fresh garlic, onions, ground cumin, curry paste, mustard seeds, salt and pepper and cooking oil with our kitchen gear. Always a hit with vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores; level of heat can be suited to your audience. My daughter made this on a 10 day hiking trip to the Grand Canyon with a bunch of fellow university students in February.

What Are Some Recipes for Camping or Backpacking Don't Need Refrigeration? Good Questions
6/7/13 04:06 PM

Here's the right link for the swing-arm lamps:
Yikes, pricey! I wish someone would come up with a DIY tutorial!

Theodore & Matthew's Gingham Cottage House Tour
5/30/13 01:01 PM

I especially love those wonderful bedside lamps: lovely details, and they also look very practical. Envy.

Theodore & Matthew's Gingham Cottage House Tour
5/30/13 12:56 PM

We put cork flooring in our kitchen. It's great! We used glue-down, rather than "floating" cork flooring which is a little bit more work to install but less likely to cause problems if there is ever a water issue like a leaking dishwasher or something like that.

Introducing Sandra and Justin's Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary
5/14/13 03:26 PM

Asbestos is only hazardous if it is crumbling, so that the fibres become air-borne. The most dangerous types of asbestos insulation were the types that were used as interior pipe insulation, or the more woolly, fibrous kinds, where the fibres were easily crumbled and detached. I agree with other posters. You may be able to use the existence of asbestos siding as a bargaining chip to get the sellers to reduce the asking price of the house. You do not have to replace or worry about the siding if it is in good shape.

Should I Buy a House That Has Asbestos Siding? Good Questions
5/1/13 09:49 AM

Here's a shout-out to a really great Canadian company, Lee Valley, and the ceiling mounted rack they have on their website. It works on pulleys and with some modification, might be a good way to use some of your vertical space.,42194

How Can I Use This 2-Story Apartment Staircase Entryway? Good Questions
4/29/13 09:38 AM

Love this! We used to call it Zebra Cake when made as a log and sliced on the diagonal.

Recipe: Chocolate Wafer Icebox Stacks Recipes from The Kitchn
4/4/13 03:16 PM

I know the Eames Hang-It -All is a design classic, but really, why hasn't anybody posted a DIY version? Would that be sacriligious? (Sorry, I love it, and would love to buy one for my daughter's first apartment, but wow, sticker shock.)

Hang-It-All Coat Rack by Charles and Ray Eames
2/25/13 01:25 PM

Wow!!! The Grand Brass website is amazing: a DIY heaven!

Source for Inexpensive Colored Cord Kit? Good Questions
1/28/13 11:11 AM

Link doesn't go to anything useful.

How To: Make a tiny terrarium
1/22/13 10:32 AM

I have had trouble understanding why real, unattached sofa cushions went out of fashion. I have an Ikea Ektorp sofa and loveseat that work great for us, in a house with a dog, two cats and 3 kids. The covers can be removed, washed, switched out for a different cover. They're super-comfy, and yes, if a cushion gets squashed, it takes 15 seconds to pick it up, shake it and put it back. Much more practical and easy-care (and comfortable) than the one-piece leather sofa we originally bought because we thought it would be kid and pet friendly.

Pillow Back Sofas: Cozy and Easy to Clean
12/14/12 10:11 AM

Brandy snaps were a fashionable tea party treat when my mother was a little girl in the 1920s. She used to tell us how much fun she had serving them to her mother's guests who were deeply engrossed in conversation: if you're not careful when you bite into a cream-filled brandy snap, it can squirt cream down your front!

Marion Cunningham's Brandy Snaps Recipe Review from The Kitchn
12/13/12 03:51 PM

Artificial food smells absolutely gross me out. Candles, potpourri, toiletry items, "air freshener": I can't stay anywhere near them.

On Non-Food Gifts That Smell Like Food: Is It a Yea or a Nay?
11/29/12 01:45 PM

I always use cocoa powder for our family's cocoa (to take in a thermos when we go out cross-country skiing, or back at home after a chilly walk along the lake shore.) We really like this method, it's easy to multiply for the number of servings you need, and there's no hot milk crusty pan to wash/scrub. It's hard to find really good cocoa powder where I live, but this seems to work well with Cadbury's or other brands commonly found in grocery stores.
Mix up 1 tsp cocoa powder, approx 1 1/2 tsp sugar (you can always sweeten to taste afterwards) and thoroughly stir in just enough milk or evaporated milk to make a smooth paste in each mug. Then add and stir in about 1/4 mug of milk to each mug, and microwave until really hot, almost boiling. (Cocoa powder needs to be brought to a high temperature to get rid of the slightly powdery, chalky taste.) Then fill up each mug with more milk, stir again, add a drop or two of vanilla extract, and microwave to your preferred serving temperature. It sounds like a lot of effort, but it's actually quite quick, no extra pots or utensils to wash, and is easily adaptable.

Any Tips For Making Better Hot Cocoa? Good Questions
11/29/12 01:34 PM

It sounds as if this is a real collection of horror stories about freeloaders and moochers, but I do wonder about that lovely human tradition of hospitality.

Maybe I'm unusually lucky in having an extended family and friends with wonderful manners and unusually well-developed social skills, but wow, some of these comments sound pretty mean-spirited.

5 Tips for Being a Good Overnight Guest
10/1/12 03:32 PM