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IKEA sells a stainless top toilet seat which would look a lot better than that woodgrain thing.

Otherwise, this apartment rules!

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5/21/08 03:45 AM

* Fluoride in your tap water IS NOT good for your teeth. That's a poorly supported but widely accepted myth brought to you by the chemical companies that sell the fluoride to the water authorities.
Check out for more info on this.

* Brita DOES NOT remove fluoride, and Brita filters are non-recyclable unless you ship them to Germany. I used to use Brita religiously but I have since dumped Brita because of the inability to remove fluoride, chlorine, and pharmaceuticals.

* Chlorine is not safe for human consumption and in the shower it dries out and ages your skin prematurely. Even breathing chlorine vapor is bad for your health.

My solution to the above problems:

1. I use a portable water distiller to remove the fluoride and most everything else (Love 4 Distiller for $140 via Ebay seller verycleanwater1691). After each gallon batch of water, there's always a slurry of smelly pasty stuff left behind in the boiling chamber which is kind of freaky. I have no idea what it is, but I'm glad I'm not drinking it. There is a branded version of the exact same distiller called Waterwise 4000 and it costs twice as much.

2. I use a slimline shower filter from Lowes ($20) to remove the chlorine. The filter lasts 6 months, and showers are chlorine-free. I actually fill my water distiller from the shower for better chlorine filtration. Distillers don't remove 100% of the chlorine so this is a good alternative.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: Drinking Water at Home
5/21/08 03:29 AM

As far as the space issue goes... You might need a rolling cart if it doesn't fit in your kitchen.

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5/21/08 02:46 AM

The best way to buy this is brand new with a 3-5yr warranty. The manufacturers don't have established track records in the US and I'm reading a lot of stories of "11th month problems" with mechanicals. But the warranties only cost about $17/yr, and at that price you can be assured that anything that breaks is repairable. I plan to make the warranty co. fix EVERYTHING that goes wrong.

The size is more like a late 70's microwave. It's pretty big... I placed mine on my waist-high fridge and it looks really good.
Full size plates might not work, but $20-$50 worth of smaller dishes from Ikea (and maybe some smaller sized baking dishes) will take care of this problem. I use the heavy beermug drinking glasses from Ikea ($2. each) and they work very well.

Apartment Therapy New York | EdgeStar Countertop Dishwasher
5/21/08 02:44 AM