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It's also probably worth mentioning Hazard4's Evac series, with the Plan B, the Photo Recon and the Rocket.

They're all sling bags carried on one shoulder (ambidextrous) and they all have PALS webbing (MOLLE-compatible) so they're very customizable and extendable. This is a major plus for me, as you can select the pouches and compartments you need for a specific use, and you're not bound to a standard, fixed design.

I have the Plan B with a few pouches, including a large padded bottle pouch that can easily hold (and protect) a 70–200 f/2.8. There's plenty of room for a DSLR with grip and a couple lenses, along with memory cards/batteries/filters etc.

The downside of the Plan B is that it's soft and it doesn't hold its shape unless the content does. I'm considering switching to the Photo Recon, that was designed specifically for photography. I had originally discarded it because it doesn't open completely, and instead only has a top and side opening.

But after using the Plan B for a few months, I think the Photo Recon is probably indeed better for photography. The Photo Recon looks more solid and padded, which is good to keep the shape and protect your gear.

It would probably be possible to pair the two bags to combine their strengths. I'm thinking of traveling with both bags attached to one another using the webbing, the Photo Recon holding the photo gear, and the Plan B holding clothes, food, water, etc. The pack should be about the size of the accepted carry-ons.

By combining the two sling bags into one double backpack, it would also balance the weight onto both shoulders; sling backs are nice but the weight of your camera gear can quickly cause pain on your shoulder.

(The last sling back of this Evac series, the Rocket, is quite redundant with the Plan B, since it's basically a Plan B with fixed side pouches. You're probably better off getting the Plan B and custom pouches, so that you keep the most flexibility.)

Hope that helps.

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