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I use a simple egg separator tool. It came with some box set of Pyrex items (I believe) that we got for our wedding. I don't separate eggs often, but it's handy when I do. (Like making a Tres Leches cake!)

Can You Use an Empty Water Bottle to Easily Separate Eggs? Putting Tips to the Test in The Kitchn
2/21/14 10:20 AM

Our apartment has a cut-pile berber, very similar in color to this (although maybe a tad darker, and less yellow-y bits), and it hides dirt and stains like you wouldn't believe! Also, we have to Siamese cats ... so, yes, it does hide their hair. However, it also does a good job of hiding things you might not want to step on (I swear, before we moved in, someone dumped some sort of small tacks/nails all over the carpet -- was stepping on them for months!).

Which Is Easier To Keep Looking Clean: Light or Dark Rugs?
2/13/14 03:18 PM

I think everyone's comments here are valid, but I'd like to mention two instance in which this is such a great idea! One day, I put something in the crockpot, and came home to find that the power had gone out (I live in apartments, so this does happen on occasion), but it did come back on shortly (based on the clocks I had). Unfortunately, my crockpot doesn't have any sort of restart on it, so I came home to half-cooked food that had sat for hours. Not pleasant.

And, the other, is my husband goes in to work after I do, and he sometimes puts stuff in the crockpot. However, he has, a couple of times, forgotten to start the crockpot. (And for those of you talking about programmable ones, we have a setting on our dishwasher for a delayed start, and that gets forgotten as well, so.....)

Anyway, I think it's a good idea. Up to you if you want to spend the money. But, I know we use our crockpot at least once a week.

A Smarter Slow Cooker: Controlled by Your Phone
1/8/14 11:57 AM

Is it possibly that the room doubles as a guest room? That might account for the larger beds. Just a thought.

A Modern Mountain Room for Brothers Professional Project
12/18/13 05:32 PM

I second Enstrom's. SO good!!!!!

Send Us Your Suggestions: The Best Toffee in America The Kitchn
12/2/13 01:27 PM

For less hassle (and mess), I've seen several craft stores carry small/mini framed chalkboards and easels, as well as chalkboard vinyl labels (in all shapes and sizes).

Food Label Ideas for Easier Entertaining
11/19/13 03:08 PM

Years ago, I lived with a bunch of girls who were in college (I had already graduated and was working full-time) in a patio townhome. Our street address was Greenway Drive, so we got fancy and called our place Greenway Manor. We thought it sounded so hoity-toity and had fun with it. We would answer the phone with it "Greenway Manor, so-and-so speaking", and even had one of us record the incoming message on our answering machine (remember those?) in a snooty-sounding British accent. So much fun! And great memories.

About a year after that, we kind of all went some separate ways, but I moved into an apartment with one of those gals. The street address was Crystal Street, so we called our home The Crystal Palace.

But, since those young, single days, I haven't named a home since. Perhaps because the hubs and I are in and out of apartments? Maybe one day when we have a home....

Does Your Home Have A Name?
10/11/13 06:36 PM

The hubs usually does most of the laundry. I have a bad back, so it's hard to bend and stoop, etc. Sometimes I can manage a load or two. However, several years ago, after many a shrunken item of mine, we divided it up into separate hampers. One for whites, one for lights, one for darks, and one for ... hang-dry only items (which, I'll admit, are mostly mine). But, this has cured many a headache and makes the laundry process much easier.

Do You Do Each Other's Laundry?
10/4/13 10:28 AM

I love purples, and this seems such a warm and comfy room. While the industrial-style bookcase isn't my style, it works well in this room. Although, how do you keep love plants around with your furbaby? Mine like to chomp-chomp on them! =^_^=

Tricia's \"Cozy Plum\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/25/13 06:35 PM

I'm with the others and say to place your sofa floating across from the 16' wall. If you don't want the TV to overwhelm the wall (or be the only thing on it), why not make it a whole unit with storage/bookcases and a TV stand, something like this combo from Ikea (to give an idea). You'd have a place to store books and collectibles, room for storage, and room for your TV. WinWin!

Where to Place TV in Open Concept Room? Good Questions
8/23/13 11:26 AM

I have mine hanging in my home office, near my desk. I agree with those that said that we worked hard for them, and there is NO shame in showcasing them. That being said, mine is a little gaudily framed (my mom had it done, with some direction from me, hah!), and my husband is slowly going back to finish his B.A. I told him when he gets his diploma, I'll have mine re-framed when we get his framed, so they can look uniform and cohesive and proudly hang them in our office.

Do You Display Your Diploma?
8/19/13 11:14 AM

I second the SmartCat scratching post! The one we got for our 2 cats 6 years ago is still going strong! And my male cat loves to climb up it and sit on top to survey his domain. (That being said, we did break down and get one of the carpeted houses with sisal-wrapped posts. They LOVE that thing. Truly. Yeah, it's an eyesore, but we have the room.)

Stylish Cat Tree for Studio Apartment? Good Questions
7/16/13 01:30 PM

Search on Houzz for red sofas brings up tons of rooms where red sofas are the main focus. Many of the rooms have either a neutral tan or grey color on the walls, but some have a lovely buttery yellow which might look lovely in your Caribbean rental. I think paired with soft blues (or even denims!), and maybe a chair or two with a fun tropical print, it might give you a lovely beachy feel with a punch of color!

Colors to Suit a Red Sofa in an All-White Beach Cottage? Good Questions
7/15/13 04:25 PM

I like the grouping you have! I would just continue it across the whole wall. As someone suggested, mirrors would be cool, and you could add all sorts of fun shapes. You can probably find some at thrift stores and just spray paint white to go with the other frames.

How To Decorate Long Living/Dining Room Wall? Good Questions
7/12/13 10:17 AM

Super cute! Definitely makes me feel like I'm at the beach. Would love to see more pictures.

Bridget & Matt's Coastal Style in the Midwest House Call
7/10/13 06:13 PM

West Elm has a simple upholstered headboard in a variety of fabrics that is half that (for a king!) of the less-expensive one shown. And then, you could either buy actual nailheads, or nailhead trim for a few dollars and spruce it up yourself.

One Design, Two Budgets: Traditional Patterned Bedroom
7/10/13 11:43 AM

Our wedding color was purple, and KNOWING that those would be impossible to match, I decided to do all shades of purple! Napkins were dark purple and lavender, flowers were all shades of purple mixed in with whites (and greenery, of course), and my bridesmaids wore matching fabric on their dresses (I purchased the fabric, they made their dress in in whichever style). I think perfectly matched colors can look un-creative. But, that's just me. (Although I liked the above post of layering patterns.) Besides, there are SO many wonderful complementary colors out there! Use them!

Down to the Details: Would You Have a Pantone Wedding?
6/27/13 06:30 PM

HomeGoods, the home decor store for TJ Maxx always has some good deals on quality items. You just have to shop them. BUT, if you see something, snap it up, because it won't be there the next day! (And, you can always return it if it's not what you need.)

I do like Anna's too, but I have had some issues with their beds in bags, being too small for the mattress size -- the comforter/duvet part, at least.

Good Sources for Reasonably-Priced Bed Linens? Good Questions
6/25/13 11:47 AM

I agree with Gooddog in that you probably have to go custom. That being said, at least it's not like a double-door, or a giant door like you find on many Mediterranean-style homes, so it's probably quite feasible. A quick search gave me this link full of Mediterranean homes and their doors. Many won't work for you (like the ones full of scrolling iron-work), but some might, and some you can take inspiration from. Like suggested, you can mimic the windows with the glass panels in the door (you don't have do do the whole door), or maybe instead of glass panels, do recessed panels, but no glass.

Good luck!

Front Door Style Suggestions for 1920's Home? Good Questions
6/14/13 10:12 AM

Along with 3, I would say, read the description really well. I purchased some pillows that I felt would go great in my room, until I got them and realized they were wool (or wool blend) that picks up cat hair like crazy (and I have 2 cats).

That being said, I purchased an upholstered headboard from Joss & Main about a year ago, and not less than a week after I purchased it, it was up again for $20 less! I emailed customer service and they explained that they do have merchandise go up several times, but seeing as it was not even a week, they refunded me the difference.

5 Things to Do Before Clicking \"Buy\" on Home Flash Sale Sites
4/25/13 11:23 AM