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Dot and Bo have a good eye for Design and Presentation but are making bad rookie mistakes, common to many start up online retailers.

They are beginning to garner negative feedback for inferior quality, poor customer service, slow delivery, unbearable communication or a non extent communication process.

A customer has no working phone number to call.

Webforms are responsed with auto responding letters.

Emails that appeared to be typed by humans, distinctly feel that one is listening or addressing the issue you are having. They spit back the same line in the body of their response so it feels like its a pre-set preprogrammed macro..

The retail price is inflated. So the so called savings are a % off these inflated prices and always more than if you bought the item directly from the artists or supplier.

If they want a fee for curating, fine But dont represent themselves (DOT&BOT) as a company that you are getting a deal from.

It is too easy to find the source vendor/retailer/artist and get the direct price.

Result: people resent it. People who love MCM and have that kind of money do not want the aggravation of crazy wait times, broken items and impossible communication access. I know this customer base. You will lose them over behaving stupid and they will tell their friends.

They will therefore lose repeat customers and social media will destroy them their bad public relations decisions, poor communication and inconsistant quality.

I have sold MCM online for 14 years. 100 percent positive feedback. I can see where their system is breaking down, and no one is looking at the big picture or running a busines..its too bad they have nice things UNTIL you have a problem. Then you are in a retailing nightmare.

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6/27/14 02:29 AM

A little contact paper and new curtains...Perfect!

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3/7/12 12:59 PM