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Well.... let me tell you Guardabosque, and I hope these negative comments posted by these guys read this....
It is called ENVY! To have a great idea and to update it from the 70's (if it ever happened) can make many envious of the success these lamps have been at ICFF!
FOR STARTERS, NOT EVERYBODY is PRESELECTED to show at ICFF... ONLY THE BEST OF THE BEST! I have also seen these lamps in El Salvador AND have seen the final product at ICFF, and let me tell you.... THEY ROCK!!!!!!
So..... no te prescupés por la negatividad de esta gente por que viene de pura envidia! Eugenio y su producto son ingeniosos, creativos, social y eco amigables y no todos tienen ideas tan brillantes!!!!
Quiero ver cuando se nos haga famoso, estos negativos van a arrepentirse de lo que dijeron....
Prensa japonesa.... española... revistas de renombre... you name it.... they all want a piece of him! :) ;)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | ICFF Day One: Eggcrate Dancer Lamp from Recolector Diseno
5/18/08 06:44 PM