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LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how the pattern kind of makes a sideways heart. Too cute. That furniture was everywhere when I was growing up...dark woods, orange/olive/harvest gold shag carpet etc. Making it a bright color takes it out of the 70's baby, for sure! Way to go.

Before & After: From an Eyesore to Sassy
Classy Clutter

3/7/12 01:27 AM

Hard to fix veneer..or I have had a hard time with it, but you guys did this beautifully. And I love both..painted or regular wood pieces. Just depends on the look and who/where it is for.

Restoring a Solid Wood Desk home.made
3/7/12 01:24 AM

Well...I LOVE painted furniture...but gray? Seriously? When there are a million colors out there. Looks kind of sad. I'm not trying to be mean or a "hater"...it was sad before and the brass hardware looks out of sorts. Gray seems like a color for modern lines and modern design....sleek, steel furniture, blacks, whites etc. Why not a fun teal or Robin's Egg Blue? Or heck, white? Everything goes with white. Changing the hardware would help.
And, yes, I've repainted/refinished a GOB of furniture. And like gray just fine. hmmm.

Before & After: Secretary Turned Shiny and Sleek
3/7/12 01:21 AM