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How cool is that? Love it.

DIY Project Idea: How To Make a Lamp Out of Anything Apartment Therapy Tutorials
2/4/14 12:05 PM

Love all of the fluffy rugs. Very comfy looking.

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: The End is... in Sight Renovation Diary
4/29/13 05:11 PM

Looks good. Can't wait to see what it looks like with furniture.

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: Floors - #2 Renovation Diary
3/11/13 08:59 AM

I have two Wassily chairs in my living room. They look lovely there but are so uncomfortable. I want to replace them with comfy chairs but haven't yet found anything beautiful and comfortable to replace them with. So, there they sit. I would never give them away - when I find replacements, I will have to squeeze them into another room. They are so pretty and have such sentimental value.

Do You Have a Piece of Furniture You Love but Never Use?
6/13/12 09:02 PM

got it!

The Firecracker Press in St. Louis
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

9/1/11 12:30 PM

erinstl, email me & i'll put you on our fb invite list.


The Firecracker Press in St. Louis
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

8/31/11 02:08 PM

Thanks for putting the spotlight on STL. Lots of cool stuff happening here.

Secondhand Superheroes in St. Louis: 10 House Tours
American Style

7/26/11 08:29 PM

We have the exact same cabinets & I've been debating painting them for YEARS. SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!

Before & After: Brightening Up the Kitchen Cabinets
Restoration House

5/4/11 08:54 PM

Hope to see ya at the next one, Zom!

Dan Rosenthal: St. Louis, MO, 4.19.2011
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

5/4/11 11:30 AM

Ooh, so much fun! Santa Cruz is heaven on earth. These homes are beautiful. Wonder what they look like inside...

A Walking Tour: Mission Hill — Santa Cruz, California
11/11/10 08:35 PM

Ally has FABULOUS style! She'd make an amazing addition to the AT Team.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ally's Contemporary with a Touch of Paris Glam House Call
9/25/09 10:04 PM

You should go the Ferm Living route and wallpaper the stairs! Check it out on their blog!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Repainting the Stairway Entry
9/6/08 02:12 PM

My husband does this too...this insane, break neck pace, clean the whole house in the last 24 hours before we leave craziness. It used to kill me. Now I just expect it. And it is nice to return home to a nice, clean, organized home. :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Binge Cleaning Before a Trip
8/5/08 01:49 PM

So CUTE! Thanks for doing St. Louis proud. Where is this? Clayton? So many cute apts there. LOVE what you've done with it.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #6 - Rachel's Grad School Getaway
7/27/08 06:00 PM

Ahhh...his stuff takes my breath away!!!!Yum!!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Interiors by Frank Roop
2/16/08 05:24 PM

What color paint did you use above the mantle? I just LOVE it!!!

House Tour: Amy and David's Modern Tiki=Home
4/19/07 06:14 AM