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Ah the Ravina....I went with my fiancee's whole family to see Tony Bennett last year and was also amazed at the lovely centerpc/candelabra sightings. We had the normal folding camping chairs, a cooler and a few blankets for the 10 of us. Well that and some awesome food and wine.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Taking Your Style with You
7/14/08 09:50 AM

~ Pick a wall color for the remaining unpainted lr walls.
~ make lr curtains
~ Paint bedroom
~ make bedroom curtains, spread and pillow covers
~ f ix up "new" buffet/tv stand (new handles, scratch repair)
~ replace kitchen hardwear
~ revamp old tv stand in to coffee table and paint.
~ Print pics and frame for lr walls
....and on, and on , and on!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Home Improvements: What's on Your DIY Summer List?
6/10/08 07:58 AM

I'm going to second Penzey's! they are not far from me and the whole food's in my area and are really cheap for most things.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Reminder: Buy Spices from Bulk Bins
6/10/08 07:29 AM

I loooove lambrusco! I'm not a huge wine drinker, but I really like this!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Lambrusco is the New Rosé
6/5/08 02:40 PM

That pic is great! How I wish my old (18 this year) set in her ways cat would use it! I can't even put a cover on the box cause then she won't go in it, and I get the lovely presents outside it!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Product Review: Litter Robot Keeps Smells Locked
6/4/08 09:08 PM

lol @ duckumu, that was exactly what I thought....right after I wondered who let a football sportscaster and his pen on AT.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: Eames Mesh Chair for Dining
6/4/08 08:52 PM

Great timing on this...I have to go to a wedding in Vegas For 5 days next week and was trying to figure out what to do!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Caring for Plants While on Vacation Real Simple
6/3/08 08:12 PM

Your right Julie, I would have never thought of it either! Now I have to go buy some rhubarb just so I can try this.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weekend Recipe: Rhubarb Lavender Crumble
6/1/08 08:27 PM

Oh yummm rhubarb crisp! I can't wait to see that recipe.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Cooking Without Recipes: How To Make Streusel or Crumble Topping for Baked Fruit
5/31/08 07:17 PM

It says they will not be out till fall, that may be why you can't find them yet.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Look! Pottery Barn Fall Finds
5/28/08 08:06 PM

Ooooh that would be great for my place, a little pricey for m though so i will put it on the wish list.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Ironing Ladder
5/19/08 04:34 PM

I have 3 ways I do it...

I have a steel entry door so I have a magnetic clip that I put any outgoing mail and lists of things that need to be done out of the house. (no space for a landing strip near my front door!)

I also have a cork strip inside the kitchen cabinet above my main workspace for my pantry stock list and the recipe I am working on.

And on the fridge I keep a magnetic pad and a pen in a clip to make grocery lists.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Where to Keep a List?
5/19/08 10:46 AM