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This fireplace is our "Cerona" arched, direct vent fireplace. It is absolutely beautiful, and direct vent is the greenest type of fireplace you can put in your new or remodel project. We contacted our stylist for this photo shot, and unfortunately were unable to locate the name of the artist. The suggestions above sound marvelous, however. I am always a fan of local and original art!
Cerona Fireplace - Additional Shots and Product Information
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11/9/08 08:03 AM

Hi -
Thanks for this post, very refreshing palettes! Can you tell us where to find a link to the press release? I have searched the 'professionals' Sherwin-Williams site and the neoCon site and found nothing... Thank you!
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6/12/08 05:43 AM

I know you are probably making a future wishlist, as budget allows, you may want to consider updating to a diect vent unit - The Paloma model is extremely contempoary and clean in design, and is direct vent (the only LEED and other green approved type of stove or fireplace) You'll save energy, save trees and have good indoor air quality, and great design.

I work for the company (but in a store design capacity) and this is one of my very favorite items to use!

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5/16/08 09:01 AM