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Style Watch: The Fashion of Cersaie
Cersaie 2011

9/29/11 11:47 PM

I think this is a great service and look forward to seeing how it develops. Many public libraries allow ebook rentals for free. I think the Amazon service will be great for rentals of specialized materials not available through public libraries like textbooks.

Amazon Rentals Takes Aim at Becoming eBook Library
9/17/11 10:17 AM

Go Android! When I got my first smartphone a few years ago, I did tons of research and Android came out on top. I compare notes from time to time with coworkers who have different platforms (iphone and Blackberry) and I am always pleased with my choice to go with Android. I also got an Android tablet earlier this year and am quite happy with it. For the things that I do, Android is the best value. I never feel like I am paying too much for the devices and services related to my Android devices and their performance exceeds my expectations. I am glad to see a post about the platform on Unplugged.

10 Reasons I Picked An Android Over The iPhone
9/17/11 10:12 AM

What an interesting post! I learned a lot.

Quick History: Public Baths & Bathing
5/12/11 11:23 PM

I agree with SarahLemon - if you pick your kitchen gadgets carefully for reasonable quality and take care of them they can last you a lifetime. I do realize that there are a lot of silly kitchen gadgets out there that most people can live without, but I do think there is a large class of time-tested kitchen utensils that are truly useful and make working in the kitchen more safe and less labor intensive. I think that is the point of almost any kind of tool - to do a specific task well, consistently, safely and without a lot of extra effort.

(In the interests of full disclosure, I'll admit that I put off purchasing a funnel for years. I did buy a set a while back and although I don't use them every day, they do come in handy when I need them so I don't regret the purchase).

Make-Do, Do Without Or, Why Don't I Own A Funnel?
1/21/11 01:28 PM

I *love* her blog and I have dying to see how her apartment was decorated. Thanks Apartment Therapy for giving a glimpse of her home. Side note: She has great pics of her beautiful and well-organized closet on her blog.

Kelly & Greg's Chez Glamouramous
House Tour

12/6/10 12:30 PM

a chaise that I really don't have room for, but is there nonetheless. It worked well with the last two places I lived, but not here. For some reason I can't part with it. It *is* a useful surface to pile things on....

What's at the Foot of Your Bed?
11/24/10 01:01 AM

I've seen this product in stores, but I don't know anyone who has one. I would also be interested in reviews of this product from folks who use it - is it really worth the money? Does this have real added value over simply using the cords that come with handheld devices?

Have You Heard Of myGrid?
11/22/10 12:32 PM


Christopher's "el Corazon" Mission Flat
House Call

10/25/10 03:41 PM

I have a stainless steel fridge with magnetic sides. There is nothing on the front. On one side which faces the doorway into the kitchen I have magnet souvenirs from cities, museums and attractions. I have them neatly arranged at eye level. The other side faces cabinets, and the stove is on that wall, so I have magnetic spice containers and things like a magnetic bottle opener and pot holders on that side as a continuation of the backsplash area.

When I was younger I used to like a pristine fridge with nothing on it. Now, I rather like having carefully selected, meaningful or useful items on it.

The Endless Fridge Debate: To Clutter or Not To Clutter?
10/18/10 08:42 PM

Great post!

Colette: The Grit & Grandeur of Paris
Style Icon

10/13/10 12:12 PM

I actually had a high, four-poster bed growing up and I currently use it today (though there were many times in my adult life that I had a different bed). I never had a canopy which is a good thing given how infrequently I dust.

I sympathize with you because it is simply terrrible to wake up in the middle of the night freezing. I also used to have the very serious problem of the vanishing duvet, however the culprit wasn't slippery fabric. It was my dog. She slept on a chaise at the foot of the bed and when I was fast asleep, she would quietly drag my down comforter off of my body and pull it onto her chaise and then sleep on top of it. I used to tug and tug at the edges as I lay shivering (and trying not to wake all the way up). She weighted it down like a brick. I used to think that I kicked it off during the night until I actually caught her in the act one night. I was upset with my dog for weeks! I ended up putting a pillow on her chaise for her to lean on which covered up the footboard and she stopped stealing my covers after that. I guess she didn't like the footboard very much.

Design Dilemma: Adjusting to Life Without a Footboard
10/2/10 12:05 AM

I currently live in Knoxville and I don't care for it myself. I grew up in the Midwest and I lived in various cities in the south and northeast during my adult life. I moved here a few years ago for work. I am trying to leave. I sorely regret moving here. I really don't recommend Knoxville unless you have family in the area or are accustomed to life in small, insular, southern towns (and all that that entails).

The best thing that I can say about the region is that it is pretty. The Tennessee River winds through part of town and the Smoky Mountains are nearby. If you like hills and greenery at the expense of all else, then you may be happy with the place.

The second best thing is that the cost of living is low - there are low rents and reasonable prices. There is no state tax on wages, but sales tax is very, very high (including a tax on food).

Religion is a very big deal here - particuarly certain Protestant groups. I don't think the people in Knoxville are good at observing the separation between church and state. Coworkers of mine with children (I don't have any myself) have been alarmed and angered to find their children have been proselytized by teachers in the public schools here. There are a lot of religious commercials on television and from my perspective, people talk about their religious faith in a presumptuous way and judge others about religion.

IMO, Knoxville is the victim extraordinarily poor land use practices. The town is very, very sprawled out and it can take a surprising amount of time to travel from part of the town to the other. For many locations, you simply need to have a car. There is a city bus, but like most small towns, bus travel is very limited. City zoning seems to be non-existent and you can find rather toxic and dangerous commercial enterprises located literally next door to a house with small children present or near a school.

An alarming number of people in Knoxville are blatantly racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic and are greatly intolerant of normal human differences. If you are a minority of *any* type, my advice would be to AVOID Knoxville no matter what people here tell you about the social climate.

A.B's Guide to Downtown Knoxville
Knoxville, Tennessee

9/20/10 06:00 PM

I haven't had a land line for about 5 or 6 years. I haven't missed having one at all (I am not a phone person - I hate talking on the phone). The last time I had one it came bundled with cable services and although I had the number listed on the Do Not Call registry, I was still getting a lot of unsolicited calls for random things (I even got two or three invitations to funerals left on voicemail apparently for the last person who had the number). The last time I had a landline about 50% of the calls were not for me which made it easy to get rid of it - it wasted my time and money...

What I like best about my cell is that I have just kept one number despite having moved several times. I got the number in another state, so calling me in my current state is a long distance call, but since nobody calls me from a land line anymore it isn't a problem.

I recently got a smartphone (android) and I love it because now I can check Facebook on the go (which is probably the single best ways to contact me). I can understand why people hate the perceived 24 hour availability of cell phones - my solution to that is that I have trained everybody not to expect me to answer my cell phone right away (I check it once every other day or so unless I am expecting a call).

Moving Survey: Do You Have a Land Line?
8/23/10 07:48 PM

Knoxville, TN

$700 rent. A 2 bed room, 1.5 bath, 900 sq ft. newer construction house in an established neighborhood. A real front porch and a deck in back. Huge yard full of wildlife. (I pay more in rent than the neighborhood average - I have a pit bull mix and it is tricky to find a place where she is welcomed)

Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
8/16/10 09:12 PM

I thought I needed some kind of yard nearby when I rented my current place because I had two elderly dogs (they can't walk over too much hot pavement without suffering or walk very far to relieve themselves). I rented a place with far more yard than I care to have though (I had a short time to look). I do a good job with lawn work, but I would rather not bother doing it myself (this isn't how I like to spend my time) or paying someone else to do it. If I didn't have elderly dogs then I could be perfectly happy with a small balcony or small deck - just a place to sit and keep a few pots of plants and a bird feeder. I would probably be happy without a deck/balcony if there was a nice enough view and a window I could open without inviting too many hazards inside (toxic emissions, voyeuristic neighbors, excessive noise, etc.).

I like privacy and the ability to make a certain amount of noise (normal barking dogs) without bothering others and places with yards seem to enable this more easily.

How Important Is Outdoor Space When Home Hunting ?
8/12/10 02:33 PM

I never pay for a "swanky" hotel with my own money, but I will stay at them when my employer pays (and sometimes my employer does). I have mixed feelings about them and tend to judge them on the way they render services and the experience I have there as a guest, rather than on the decor or status. Certain hotels are excellent at protecting guests' privacy and efficiently and discretely making them comfortable by catering to their expectations as individual people. Everything is effortless and seems to work as by magic. They offer exemplary service in a very low-key manner. They deeply understand how to render that old fashioned kind of quality customer service that you seldom see anywhere anymore. Other kinds of "swanky" hotels seem more based on having ultra-trendy decor and a crass appeal to a gratuitously conspicuous consumption type of lifestyle. I hate these kinds of swanky hotels. I'm not one of the "beautiful people" types staying there to be 'seen' and I don't like all those signs sitting around telling me how "special" I am or the presumption that I need their staff to bow and scrape in order to feel that I have received good service.

Do Swanky Hotels Really Matter To You? | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/23/10 01:16 PM

Fantastic! I really, really love galley kitchens and this one is beautiful. I have done some of my very best cooking when I lived in places where I had a galley kitchen.

Before After: Brooklyn Brownstone Galley Kitchen DIY with ADD | Apartment Therapy New York
7/23/10 12:50 PM

I really pondered the sofa or sectional question and ended up buying a sofa a few years ago. I ended up moving three times since I bought it and I haven't had problems fitting it into different spaces. I think finding new a place to live would have been more stressful for me if I had to worry about having to fit a sectional in every potential space I looked at. In retrospect, I sometimes wish I had gotten a sectional because there would have been more room for me and my two medium sized dogs to sit on it all at once. But for my sometimes mobile lifestyle, I think the sofa has worked out well.

Sectional or Sofa? Reader Intelligence Report | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/23/10 12:40 AM

Nice home.

Love the copy of "Where the Wild Things Are" propped up on the table near the sofa.

Cecilia Roope's Hilltop Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
7/20/10 01:03 AM