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I'm a Stay-At-Home-Mum and no I don't wear my pyjamas. Well, not since our toddler passed 'The Terribles' stage.

Currently I make it a rule to get up, washed + dressed before our kids. Outfit must be clean, comfortable and pockets are compulsory - you never know when you need to grab your keys and purse OR when outside your toddler decides to hand you random objects as keepsakes. My bag is packed and ready with spare keys + toddler essentials. If I have an appointment out, I make sure to arrange another outfit within reach - for myself and our toddler. Especially since toddler gets messy very quickly and often.

How Hot Do You Look At Home?
9/20/12 12:25 PM

After years of using several different brands of scissors, I returned to Fiskars! Why? I remember using them during school days and loved them then. Not only are they still made in the bright orange but now white too, bonus.

Good Design, Everyday Objects: Scissors
9/20/12 12:07 PM

I also got given one as part of a Corporate goodies bag to celebrate a milestone. I used to play with it at my work desk wasting time. The supervisor couldn't argue with me, it was a gift from the Company with it's logo on it and we were told to 'have fun' with our goodies. Oh the good times.

Do You Remember the 'Tangle'?
9/20/12 11:59 AM

@JULISKA - good tip thanks.

Absolutely essential for both indoors and outdoors! They may not look pretty but damned if I'm going to be a human swatter. Another thing is, buy small round doilies at the thrift store, sew on heavy beads on the outside and you have a weighted doily cover over your drinks - except alcoholic drinks.

Shoo Fly: Food Tents for BBQs & Picnics
7/20/12 04:01 PM

This is a great tip. We still have our son's baby monitor and the same thing happens when that is on near a live mobile. Must remember this next time.

How To Find Your Phone When It's On Silent
7/17/12 11:21 PM

Your mother is too kind. The home is perfect and the grounds are beautiful. Such great memories Ursula will have.

Two Weeks in Umbria Castellaro, Niccone Valley, Italy
7/17/12 11:18 PM

I love this home, there is something to look at in every room that doesn't make me shudder. But mainly because there is color!

Robert & Hannah's 'Casa Eclectic' House Tour
7/13/12 07:10 PM

I do like the concrete color but I thought the roof could do with a treatment, outdoor wall art and definitely some plants.

Before & After: Adding Color and Texture to a Concrete Patio Beaux R'eves
7/13/12 07:01 PM

Maybe the Company was the only one who could afford the space and therefore kudos to how they've decorated it. I don't think you could work in the Design Industry if you're going to be predictable. Having seen some of Sieger Design's own products the space is probably in line with the Company's philosophy. If it belonged to a regular homeowner then I wouldn't like this at all.

Sieger Design: A Modern Design Studio in a Historic Hunting Lodge Workspace Tour
7/13/12 04:38 AM

I saw the VW van and wanted to take a look at the house tour. Then I saw the large EAT letters and knew I had to find at least one thing I liked. The artworks are my favourite items!

Jessica & Jonathan's 'Like-Eich' Ranch House Tour
7/13/12 04:26 AM

Just from this comment thread I've found three blogs that are interesting to me. AT is also a platform for other people's blogs/business and not just the home tours. This keeps me interested because I like a new blog to read, just like picking up a new book at the store/library.

I think someone has already commented on this but seeing how several people interpret one design element is fascinating to me. It could be the same art print/retro chair/bed linen etc used in the home of a sculptor versus photographer versus homemaker. The interpretations are never ending and that is what keeps design/home blogs interesting.

Other blogs where it's all Me-Me-Me can get tiring especially if the blogger moves one piece of furniture around three different rooms and then asks 'What do you think?'. Or they buy one rug, review it, exchange then buy another rug, review it and ask again 'What do you think?' By now, it's For frogs' sake! Just decorate and move on. Those blogs I check on twice a year and they've maybe done two new things but everything else has been DIY-ed to death.

Over-Sharing and Over-Caring: Decorating Our Homes in the Digital Age
7/13/12 12:03 AM

Now I remember Scott's Urban 1-bedroom because of the leather hippo and the private garden with views of NY... still a good house tour too.

Long Island City: Modern Living at the View Showhouse Tour
7/12/12 01:19 AM

@ House Voyeur - I live in Australia and I hate the open-plan kitchen design. Our current and previous two homes have this and I am determined not to have it again. It's for some people, not others. However, it seems to be a 'Trend' right now. I love seperate eat-in kitchens any day.

I like this showcase tour, it's a pity that secretary trunk can't be shipped to us.

Long Island City: Modern Living at the View Showhouse Tour
7/11/12 11:18 PM

I forgot, a previous AT post included new scissors..... I thought this was silly UNTIL the day I dropped a pair of scissors into the toilet bowl (long story). So I went online and bought myself Fiskars scissors in their famous orange (nostalgia). Our kids are banned from them because they are super sharp, even for me. Yes I cut myself :(

In relation to this post, a pair of sharp scissors and good quality string are great additions to every home!

15 Crazy Ideas to Make Your Life Saner
7/11/12 08:07 PM

When making cups of coffee/tea I store my teaspoons in an odd cup next to the Coffee/Tea/Sugar canisters which is next to the Electric Kettle all of which is under the shelf with cups (if you use milk, find a place near the fridge).

Disinfectant wipes are quite expensive so I use baby wipes, they're thicker and cheaper. Quick swipe on bathroom and kitchen surfaces - awesome for the stovetop and small stains on the floor. I only need to scrub my stovetop and mop my floor once a week.

Have one set of cleaning supplies in the kitchen/bathroom/laundry - saves running around like a mad dog on cleaning day.

We use a large plastic fold-a-bag under the bench for recycling, and empty when full. It saves time going out to the Recycling Bin everyday (and arguments).

I leave a notepad and a few pens in the kitchen, bedroom and office for phone messages. Somehow a pen here and there always goes missing. Kids drawings and failed printing jobs on A4 are cut in quarters and used for notes (unused side).

I buy lemons once a week for cleaning and cooking - handy for deodorising the microwave. Bowl of water, squeeze of one lemon and microwave for 1-2 mins. Lovely.

15 Crazy Ideas to Make Your Life Saner
7/11/12 08:00 PM

@PIDGIE - I get your point entirely. Then there is always the homes that make you go 'Hmm?' and 'Urgh!'.

For example, when my children and I walk to the playground we pass a home that always leaves their lounge room curtains open and for some reason, they still have their artificial Christmas Tree up with the baubles on it. Then there are homes with blinds open who I believe are really just show ponies, they know they have a well styled home and flaunt it. How can people walking/driving by or riding the bus NOT see into these homes? Especially when the blinds are open everynight, yes I can see your Barcelona chair and Eames lounge chair, get over yourself.

Over-Sharing and Over-Caring: Decorating Our Homes in the Digital Age
7/11/12 07:19 PM

Mine is in eight days and I can't think of another jewellery or tealight holder I would want. But what I really need is a sidetable or a new luxurious quilt cover - both of which I wouldn't normally buy any other day of the year. It's best to start the search early, it took me five weeks to find one sidetable I like.

Treat Yo'Self: To Decor on Your Birthday
7/11/12 06:49 PM

I am desperate for the perfect side table and just found it! Thanks :)

Midas Touch: Classic Glam Gold Accents Decor Style Source List
7/6/12 08:46 PM

#6 I would have the eames lounge chair and ottoman
#8 I would add a futon mattress

That's just my preference.

Cool, Cozy Reading Nooks Creating an Escape at Home
7/6/12 08:44 PM

As the mother of two young boys, we had bought a few wooden toys and matchbox cars for our first son which even as a toddler he was very careful with and he still kept them in great condition from age 5. Then our youngest at age 18 months managed to dismantle/break/lose several pieces of our 8 year old's treasured toys. It was heartbreaking for him but we now know to box his favourite things far from his brother and that our youngest really is strong for his age.

Matchbox Cars: An Ode to Old School
7/4/12 02:10 PM