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Lynnindc, my guess is that the "alternative" door will basically lead to a separate building-inside-a-building. Kind of the way sometimes in tall buildings you take one elevator for floors 1-25 and another for 26-50, but to go from 28 to 36 you must return to the lobby and change elevator banks.

NYC Approves \"Poor Door\" Developer Request Design News
7/22/14 05:02 PM

The stove looks undersized, and will a modern fridge fit in that spot? You may need to replace or at least remove and rearrange the cabinets in order to fit better appliances -- removing the soffit can be part of this project. And there is no stove ventilation -- you will definitely need that if your chef wants full use of the kitchen. Those two things are where I would spend the $2000. You'll need a new counter on the stove side after, so either build in a cheap one to the $2000 project, or add some funds of your own to make it nicer. With a cheap counter you can just re-use the same sink and replace sink/counter together later.

What Can I Do with $2000 to Update This Kitchen? Good Questions
7/22/14 02:00 PM

I still think you are a little crazy to lose that cool window, but perhaps your house is studded with such gems. And I do know the siren call of storage in old houses. We have three closets in a 5-bedroom 1909 house, and I'm pretty sure the one under the stairs is a retrofit. What is the plan for the window? Maybe a slightly heavy sheer curtain on tension rods top and bottom?

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Building Back Up Renovation Diary
7/17/14 02:38 PM

We use the same water glass all day. Other beverages, it's up to the drinker but usually that would be a new glass that goes in the sink or dishwasher when done. We have clothespins to mark the "in use" glasses.

The Easiest Way to Do Fewer Dishes
7/16/14 11:13 AM

It's been years since I rented here in Seattle, so little help there, but I think the info in this post is about as relevant as a year ago. If you're new, do your best to choose a simpatico area but try to make it possible to move if necessary. I don't get the Renton hate. Yeah, it's a suburb, so be prepared, but if you are on a budget it could work for you. It is a close-in burb, still has some small-town charm, is very close to Lake Washington beaches, and has an excellent school system. Uber-hip areas of Seattle like Georgetown and Columbia City are not far away. You also don't have to cross any bridges if you commute from there. And it is dirt cheap compared to in-city.

I actually live in the Fremont area, but we bought before it was cool. In fact, our house's neighborhood was not identified on the flier lest it keep people away. I shudder at the current rents, but if you have the funds and enjoy a lively area it is a nice place to live. The local schools are decent in the grand scheme of Seattle Public Schools -- not considered the top ones but we've been happy. There are parks and there is good bike trail access. The "downtown" Fremont area is still hoppin' and loud especially on weekends, but a little less so than a few years ago. The new home/condo construction tends toward modern design and some of it is very attractive with amenities like roof decks. Parking is very limited.

A Renter's Life in Seattle: The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy's Renters Guide
7/14/14 05:47 PM

The "French Village" mayonnaise. No sugar, unlike every major brand.

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/8/14 11:23 AM

I'd probably prime a small area that is likely to be hidden to see how it looks sanded and unsanded.

How To Minimize Appearance of Paint Line Buildup? Good Questions
7/7/14 05:21 PM

When I was the parent of a young child, and sensitive to the desires of the other parents to not pick up the birthday party guests hopped up to the moon on pinata candy, I tried putting in little party favor toys. They were plastic. Disaster. Every single toy was broken. Possibly a less brittle plastic would have worked out OK, but after that experience I would skip the bottles of booze or candies filled with any kind of liquid. Also don't put in anything chocolate if the party will be outdoors in the summertime.

As for pull-string pinatas, it may be a case of getting what you pay for, but the basic model I bought at the party store for my toddler's birthday was a disappointment. The trap door was in the belly of the unicorn, but most of the candy had settled into the legs, so very little fell out without some shaking intervention. If I had known, I could have stuffed those cavities with newspaper before filling.

10 Things To Put In An Adult Piñata
6/30/14 06:52 PM

I think the room is attractive. Get rid of the carpet or replace with something like textured sisal. Remove or update the window coverings -- roman shades might be nice, or almost-sheer curtains with some linen-y texture. Remove or update the ceiling fan. Replace the outside door with one that has glass in it. Furnish with a "cottage chic" vibe to go with the rest of your house. White/cream upholstered furniture would be very attractive with all the wood and give a "beach house" feeling. This space could alternatively support a little bit of funky "tiki lounge" if you enjoy that sort of thing!

Can This \"Man Cave\" Become Cottage Chic? Good Questions
6/23/14 01:56 PM

We got our boxes through work, a friend who moved, and the dumpster of a local business. All for free, which was great. If I intended to pay for boxes I'd definitely rent containers instead. Frogbox is one company that does it; there may be others. My friend who did this said the #1 perk was that she had to return the containers on time: no procrastinating the unpacking or leaving packed boxes in the basement for years! They are also very easy to pack/stack and keep your items very safe.

8 Spots To Get Moving Boxes Free-Of-Charge
6/21/14 12:07 AM

We had crudites in little cups like that at a catered school event. What a disappointment. They looked nothing like this picture; I suspect the caterer started with oversize veggies more suited to the stockpot than the appetizer tray. And they looked dried out. So even this simple-looking idea is not without pitfalls, though I suspect just a little attention to the veggie selection, prep and storage would have solved the issue.

A DIY Wedding Reception for 200: The Party Plan Gatherings from The Kitchn
6/16/14 06:02 PM

Look into what is available at Home Depot or Lowes in a "builder's pack" I bought lovely oval brushed stainless knobs for very little that way. They are basic but good-quality and don't feel skimpy, which is my main beef with many less expensive knobs.

Another budget source is ReStore.

In Search of New Drawer and Cabinet Knobs Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
6/11/14 04:22 PM

I often carry some, too, because the disposable cutlery you get from takeout places is often the worst possible quality and nearly impossible to eat with. Better plastic cutlery works almost as well as metal. Not that mine is anything fancy -- I bought it at the dollar store for some long-ago children's birthday party and have been washing and reusing ever since.

Why I Always Have Plastic Cutlery in My Purse Tips from The Kitchn
6/10/14 11:29 AM

One more tip: sometimes I search Craigslist by putting my neighborhood name in the search field and just poking around what's for sale nearby. Or neighborhood + chair to narrow things if I'm looking for something specific. I don't mind driving across the metro area for a just-right couch, but why not see if there is something close by first?

Tried & True Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Craigslist
6/2/14 04:19 PM

lvlichelle, I think you should have that outlet dropped down to floor level (like the other lower outlet visible in the picture. Then you'll still have an outlet there -- I can see using it for a crockpot or a blender during a party.

Inheriting A Houseful of Quirks
6/2/14 10:21 AM

That is a really well designed space. I like Amanda's decorating, but really what makes it work so well is that the layout is thoughtful in the first place. She made a good choice.

Amanda's Pacific Northwest Studio Small Cool Contest
6/1/14 02:41 PM

The house has a wikipedia page that explains the history. It's in French, but you can always translate. I skimmed, but looks like there was a family in residence there from 1200 onward, though this house was built in the 1700s.

We Bought a 94-Room French Chateau
5/29/14 02:33 AM

Not drawers, but my parents installed under-counter fridge and freezer units in their laundry room for extra space. They were disappointed -- the freezer failed after only about 7 years. The fridge still works, but the freezer was more useful (as an extra) so they removed both. Sorry I don't know the brand, but I'd be concerned about the built-in nature of the drawers in case one failed and needed replacement, perhaps after that exact model had been discontinued.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Under-Counter Fridges & Freezers? Good Questions
5/29/14 01:23 AM

I can't be the only one who simply buys the smoothie fruit at the store already frozen!

How I Freeze Smoothie Ingredients in Individual Serving Bags Tips from The Kitchn
5/28/14 12:41 AM

This is what has happened at our house, luckily for us on a smaller scale. We've found brick paths 10" under layers of grass, soil, and landscape fabric. Some parts of the yard have multiple layers of landscape fabric, that has become intertwined with roots and is very difficult to remove. I guess that is what happens with old houses -- ours is 1909 -- when people move you lose the memory of what was done before. I wonder if you can bring in machinery to break up the concrete to allow drainage, but leave it in place covered with soil?

Laura's Backyard Renovation: Demolition Begins Renovation Diary
5/22/14 03:00 PM