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Opening them should be okay. Closing them would need a stool or chair for sure.

Apartment Therapy New York | Custom Kitchen Cabinets from Design Within Reach
11/3/09 08:38 AM

Looking at the picture I'm thinking dark beige. Would look good against the backdrop and will be easier to maintain than a pure white. I'd also recommend adding some new accessories to match with the changed look. I had seen these fake chillies and peppers that looked really good hung against a wall at a friend's place. She had some more food related knick knacks well placed around her kitchen cabinets.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets? Good Questions
11/3/09 08:34 AM

Beautiful use of wood I believe. The place looks really warm and fantastic. Looks like Amish furniture to me. Or at least one can use that if one wishes to recreate this look. I like the use of different shades of wood in the same vicinity.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Magnaverde's Small Space in O at Home
9/15/08 04:19 AM

And yes, Amish furniture does last for ever and ever. I'm sure my hutch is going to be used by my grandchildren too. Will surely try to get my hands on these shaker boxes too. I am not a big fan of storing food in plastic in any case.

Apartment Therapy New York | Shaker Boxes: Better than Ziploc
6/17/08 07:34 AM

Are these made by the Amish craftsmen? If yes, I can be sure of their quality. Those people are brilliant at woodworking. I had purchased Amish furniture once and have become a convert ever since. The furniture is really so much stronger than the other stuff you get these days.

Apartment Therapy New York | Shaker Boxes: Better than Ziploc
6/17/08 07:22 AM

Its amazing how so much has been accommodated in 613 sq ft area. I believe breaking down the walls was a great idea. It gives you so much more freedom to design.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Space Solutions From an Architect's Tiny Loft Marie Claire Maison
5/14/08 02:38 AM