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I love the flat weave black and white rug in the top photo. I think one of the best Black and white rugs are zebra designs which are so popular these days.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: The Versatility of Black and White Rugs
10/14/08 09:52 PM

This is a great store. Really wonderful rugs . Persian rugs can be bought on the web from sites like rugs USA but there is nothing to seeing it in person.

Persian rugs online

Apartment Therapy New York | Double Knot: Rugs
8/24/08 07:33 AM

If all you are looking for is really cheap and simple carpet tiles take a look at these at Rugs USA. They are not as beautiful or fashion forward but they can be great for basements and such

Apartment Therapy New York | FLOR Rugs In a Box at Target
8/24/08 07:30 AM

reminds me of the Martha Stewart rugs available here stewart&FILTER_INACTIVE_PRODUCTS=Y&SEARCH_PRODUCT_TYPE=RUG&x=38&y=14

Apartment Therapy New York | Bridget Floral Rug from Pottery Barn
8/24/08 07:28 AM

I would not call them cheap. And they have a very small selection. You can buy discount rugs at Rugs USA for far less .

Look here for a wide selection

Apartment Therapy New York | Pier One for Rugs?
8/24/08 07:26 AM

You can see other outdoor rugs in modern designs here

Apartment Therapy New York | Outdoor Area Rugs by Paola Lenti
8/24/08 07:24 AM

These rugs will shed but after time the shedding will get reduced . Most of these rugs are hand tufted and are held to the canvas backing with latex which in many cases can also smell.

check these rugs as an alternative

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Easy is it to Maintain a Felted Wool Rug?
8/24/08 07:17 AM

These are really beautiful rugs especially the hand carving on them. for more hand carved rugs check these

Apartment Therapy New York | Madeleine and Dudly Edwards' Tire Rug
8/24/08 07:13 AM

IKEA rugs shed because they are cheap hand tufted rugs that are glued to a basic canvas backing. If you buy hand knotted the rug will not shed as much

check these

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA's HULDA Rugs
8/24/08 07:08 AM

These are over priced tufted rugs from either India or China. You can get better ones here

Apartment Therapy New York | Ombre Rug from West Elm
8/24/08 07:04 AM

Very fun rugs. Reminds me of these

Apartment Therapy New York | Papyra Paper Shag Rugs by Ulf Moritz The New York Times 7.31.08
8/24/08 07:03 AM

This rug is indeed not very plush . I think that it will hold up well for several years but if you do want to add more plushness try this rug pad

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Any Experience with Crewel Rugs?
8/24/08 07:01 AM

They don't use child labor. I have been to this store and they have beautiful rugs which are NOT that affordable . They have expensive rent to pay. You can get the same types of rugs for less right on the web

Apartment Therapy New York | The Rug Company: Colorful, Contemporary Rugs
8/24/08 06:58 AM

These are cheap plastic rugs that why you can have them outdoors . Buy hey they are beautiful as well. Check these at rugs usa for other ideas

Apartment Therapy New York | Pappelina's Plastic Woven Rugs
8/24/08 06:55 AM

For sure it's too small . You need a gallery size rug. One that is narrow yet long. Not like a runner which is too narrow . check this one

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Rugs For The Family Room?
8/24/08 06:52 AM

Why buy a mat when you can buy an outdoor rug which comes in many more sizes and designs and colors. Plus they are super easy to maintain and wash.

you can see them here

Apartment Therapy New York | Look: Mad Mats Recycled Rugs Washington DC
8/24/08 06:49 AM

The best type of shag rug is still the Flokati shag rug from Greece . These woolen rugs have been a tradition in Greece since 3000 years ago. You can see them here

Apartment Therapy New York | Best of Three: Shag Rugs, Baby!Email from 7.16.08
8/24/08 06:45 AM

cowhide rugs are truely in bad taste . You may consider leather shag rugs from a company like Rugs USA sells them at a lower price if you call them at 800 982 7210

Apartment Therapy New York | BRATTBY Cowhide Rugs from IKEA
8/24/08 06:42 AM

These rugs are indeed available from . Additionally you may use coupon code AF2007 for a 5% discount from the listed price. Additional discounts of up to 30% may be available if you are a designer. You need to call 800 982 7210 and inquire about it. If you need to see these rugs in person you will need to call Delos Rugs the company that imports them at 1-877-988-5595. They can give you information on dealers in your area.
As for the expense these rugs are over priced relative to rugs of similar design and quality but these rugs do have artistic merit that many others don't . You are paying about 20% more for that artistic creativity .

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What's the Deal With Brink Campman?
8/24/08 06:38 AM

The rug is a Flokati BTW. Made in Greece these rugs are making a huge come back . Buy why ? Take a look here

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | International Finalist: Danielle Lakshan's Urban Cottage
5/13/08 09:18 PM