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Kathryn, I think this party is full of love and inspired by your son's favorite toy to boot. If you can't go all out for a birthday party for someone you love, then when can you? Great Job Momma!

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3/5/12 10:16 PM

I love that!

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Diary Of A Crafty Chica

7/18/11 03:25 PM

It's one day ... go for the blue drink! Happy Birthday!

Ideas for a Naturally Colored Blue Drink?
Good Questions

7/12/11 05:28 PM

Beautiful! I want one!

A Boring Borders Bookcase Reborn
Pretty Handy Girl

7/6/11 09:54 AM

Great for airplanes, as it also works as a floatation device! :)

The Easy Car Seat: Inflatable "Car Seat In Your Handbag"
3/25/11 05:05 PM

I love the suitcase and luggage tags! I once saw an invitation that looked like a passport book ... I am going to file the suitcases away for future use! Love the balloon sky too! Looks like a great party.

My Party: Carter
St. Louis, MO

2/22/11 09:44 PM

I love it. I have two girls and a wardrobe full of dress ups. I don't mind hanging them. My girls have a stool so they can get them down by themselves. Eventually they will be able to hang them too.

Clever, DIY Storage for Dress Up Clothes
2/15/11 06:12 PM

Wow! Hope your friend (who is pretty identifiable in this post) doesn't read Ohdeedoh!

Gift Etiquette and Moral Dilemmas
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2/2/11 02:13 PM

I bought each of my daughter one of these felt Saint dolls. The artist made a custom one for my older daughter "St Margaret of Scotland". I had the personalization added to the back with the baptismal date. They are so sweet and really quite unique if the baby has a Saint's name. (also cute for confirmation gifts). http://www.etsy.com/shop/SaintlySilver?ga_search_query=saintly+silver&ga_search_type=seller_usernames

Ideas for a Christening Gift
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1/4/11 06:45 PM

Louis and Baby Louis ... How cute!

Costumes: Animals and a Bear Shaman
Homecrafted Halloween

10/28/10 02:41 PM

Love that little firefly!

Costumes: Creatures of the Sky
Homecrafted Halloween

10/24/10 10:51 PM

My baby goes to 11! LOL!

Costumes: Religious
Homecrafted Halloween

10/24/10 10:48 PM

Cousin Eddie ... Awesome!

Costumes: Lance, Nitro, Muppet, Stewie, Jessie & Cousin Eddie
Homecrafted Halloween

10/15/10 11:21 AM

Love the library card spot too! Genius!

DIY Library Tote
10/15/10 10:41 AM

So cute! My 3 yr old daughter is going to be Angelina Ballerina this year too! I love the idea of connecting the ears to hair bands, we already have the headband kind, but great idea!

Costumes: Literary-Inspired
Homecrafted Halloween

10/15/10 10:38 AM

How cool!

Pumpkin Cake with a Surprise Inside
I Am Baker

10/9/10 10:44 AM

It's currently $14.99 at our IKEA (Frisco, TX). I guess you can beat $19.99! We love ours!

9/30/10 11:45 AM

We've got a nonworking fireplace in the playroom. We've been looking for some log pillows to put in it. A felt camp fire sounds great! Honeyhaze do you remember the Etsy seller?

Fireplaces in Childrens' Rooms
9/21/10 01:45 PM

Wow, my 3 yr old and I were going to make a cloud today because it's raining at our house ... we were just going to use paper, this is way better!

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9/8/10 11:14 PM

Love this!

Gina's $176 Room Makeover
9/8/10 09:01 PM