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To DesignBeast_
The bed is actually one that we designed and built for a showroom in Kansas City. It is the floor model that we ended up keeping as we needed some furnishings. If you'd like more information, you can look at additional pictures at http://www.frameworkdesign.net/seatsleep.html. Please feel free to email us at info@frameworkdesign.net.

The beige sofa is an Antonio Sofa that we ordered from Ruks Living out of Saint Louis.

Lauren and Eric's Mixed-Use Modern Dwelling House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/3/09 10:20 AM

To rebeldress_
we got the coat rack, which was surprisingly reasonably priced, several years ago at DWR. It's one of the few pieces that have stayed with us through the years. It's always a conversation piece!

Lauren and Eric's Mixed-Use Modern Dwelling House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/29/09 12:14 AM

Thank you all for the many very nice comments and to Regina and Apartment Therapy for the nice article and great photos. In response to some of the questions...

Troops79 is right - If Lauren can handle the stairs, they should be no match for anyone.

There is however, a small, residential elevator to meet Universal Design standards to service the 4 different functions and to provide long term access for building residents. Our (3) dogs scamper up and down the constantly. They seem to have a natural center of gravity, but the handrail seems pretty sufficient for those of us without that gift.

JFC - the spiral bookcase was Lauren's grandmother's. She was a librarian and that was an old book display.

ykyea - The FLOR tiles are Fedora in Chartreuse, Taupe and Oatmeal

Michelle - If you were asking about the grey coverlet with the black circles, it was on sale at Target!

Usbek de Perse - You're absolutely right and we couldn't agree more. We have a few pieces (including the massive butcher block in the kitchen) that weren't in the photos, but are slowly adding to those as the right pieces come up.

sanchezperrier - We hung the various doors from the floor framing with chains and very long eye hooks

modernonlongisland - you'd be surprised. Lauren cooks a lot and is not exactly the neatest chef in the world. The major appliances can stay in the pantry, but there is countertop space and lots of outlets in there. There are outlets on the underneath side of the upper cabinets above the kitchen windows as well as underneath the bar top, so we can plug in appliances all the way down the counters and have lots of room for more messes!

Thanks again!
-framework design

Lauren and Eric's Mixed-Use Modern Dwelling House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/24/09 06:50 PM

Thank you to all of you who posted such nice comments. Alas, we weren't finalists, but the nice things you've said make it easier to take!
In response to some of your questions and comments:

The fans are artemis by minka. I've seen them a couple of places since we put them in.

The bedding on the guest bed is actually from WalMart and we sewed the red stripe on it. We couldn't find anything that worked quite right and didn't want to spend a lot of money. After lots of tries and returns, we finally found this one as a last resort and added the stiching with yarn. We ordered the red circle fabric sheets from dwell and cut them apart to make pillows and the curtains.

The shelves in the shower are something we made from mdf and covered with 7 coats of paint and tile. They've lasted 2 years now.

We ordered the bed from frontgate...you know, those magazines that you always read on the airplane? We found it on a trip back to visit family. It is very convenient and much more comfortable than a sofa bed. We definately recommend getting a memory foam top for it if you can find somewhere to store it. We slept on this bed for 6 months in various rooms while we did construction and it was great! This leads to one of the comments on the shoe boxes. They are actually quite convenient to get to, since the bed is out maybe 2-3 weeks total a year. Since it's such a small space, we needed to make use of every piece of area possible.

The upholstered wall was a consequence of our demolition, but it turned out to be a good mistake. When we tsldge-hammered all of the tile off of the original bathroom wall, we damaged the other side such that the only thing holding the plaster on the orginal lath was the paint. We didn't want to try to match the sand finish plater and didn't want the obvious replacement of smooth gypsum, so we made upholstered panels instead.

When we refinished the doors, we discovered the inset panel was plywood. We found this original Eames era wallpaper on ebay and ordered it from San Francisco. It was still in the original packaging.

As for the paint colors...unfortunately, I am not a neat painter and many of the labels are hard to read. From what we can tell, the bedroom, living room and dining room were shades of Frazee Touchstone 8762W and Lava Rock 8764M. The bathroom gold is Behr Goldfish. The blue-green on the ceilings and elsewhere was a comedy of errors. It went something like, "this is too blue, this is too green", so on the 3rd try, we dumped them both together and got the color we wanted.

Thanks again to everyone!

eric lauren, framework design

Southwest Semi-finalist #4: Eric and Lauren's reborn bungalow
5/18/07 11:04 PM

thanks eelmike!

#6 Eric and Lauren's Reborn Bungalow
4/19/07 09:00 AM

We ordered the wine rack from a place called smarthome. there are many that are out there and 99% of them were out of our price range. this one fit what we wanted and we could afford it.

#6 Eric and Lauren's Reborn Bungalow
4/19/07 08:59 AM

bathroom - we did design and make the cubbies in the bathroom. The original medicine cabinet was here so we had the depth within the wall for some storage, but just at this location. It is all mdf with lots of bondo and 7 coats of paint.
doorknob - all of the original glass doorknobs and hardware were here when we moved in...all but under many many coats of paint. so after a lot of soaking in acid and grinding, they're back to their original finish.

seating - the sofa will actually hold 2-3 people and there's enough seating in the room for 3 more people to watch tv fairly comfortably without having to sit on the floor. I do wish we had a sofa deep enough for two people, but you just can't get that when your room is 9' wide!

clutter - believe us, we wish we didn't have so much stuff. it just seems to accumulate quickly, but living in a small space does make you get rid of things you don't need!

desk/bed - the desk is made up of a top that sits on two wood rolling carts. when it's a bed, the top hangs on the wall as the headboard, one of the carts is the nightstand and the other rolls into the computer storage closet where there is an inflatable queen sized bed, which rolls out and blows up. we didn't have room or the money for a murphy bed and this is actually more comfortable. we slept on it for 6 months while we were under construction.

bookshelves - these, along with the dining table, which expands are from cb2, crate and barrel's sister store.

thanks again to everyone who commented! hopefully we will be able to post more pictures (non-angled ones at that!)

#6 Eric and Lauren's Reborn Bungalow
4/18/07 07:45 PM

Thank you to everyone that posted such complimentary notes. Hopefully, thanks to your votes we will be able to post more photos here soon.

As to some of the comments:
Sakura Tree - There is a sakura tree painted on the living room wall. It spans across the window and front door and into the dining room as well. We love the simplicity and the grace of the tree and have used it as our logo as well.

Spices - We weren't aware that heat ages spices prematurely, but it is good to know and we will have to find another spot for them in the kitchen.

Size - The actual living space is about 600 sf - yes, we know it is bigger than many that have posted and we have great respect to those who are able to do such beautiful things with their small spaces. They're all easy to clean though! The rooms are about 9' to 10' wide. This is why we tried to stick to a simple color scheme throughout and painting the trim all one color really seems to help simplify things. Especially since there's so much beautiful trim work to be found in older homes which is much of what is around the windows. Our bedroom is literally that. A bed - room. That's all that fits which is why our bed is made up of dresser drawers...and why there are some slanted pictures! It helps make things look bigger and it's next to impossible to get everything in a picture without it being at some odd angle!

Doors (all 3 of them) - are paneled with an antique Eames wallpaper that we found on Ebay. We refinished all of the doors and the middle panel was plywood so needed something different than the mahogany stain.

Thanks again to everyone! Will write more soon to the other comments.

#6 Eric and Lauren's Reborn Bungalow
4/18/07 06:35 PM