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ebarrett3 : see my post of repair...some faux painters mix the colors but that just makes the repair i described easier to repair. as you can be even less exact. in fact i find this decorative plaster easier to deal with then mud and sanding and re-muding and sanding and that mess and then priming and repainting two coats.

that said if there is a big hole, remember the Behr plaster is just a topical faux treatment so fill a big hole with sheetrock mud and after that dries, fill the hole top with the decorative Behr tinted plaster and have FUN!!!

Contemporary Venetian Plaster Applications
1/8/11 12:33 PM

gretchen,re repair: if they left you any of the plaster just use a putty knife to fill the hole with your tinted plaster... then after it dries (overnight is safe) use elbow grease, or a sander with the finest grade sand paper and sand it to burnish it. whlie you are at it you can sand other parts of the wall to polish the existing plaster. you'll never know the hole was there. suuuuuuper easy to repair.

if you have no left over plaster go to a home depot that carries Behr paint products and in the paint section there will be sample cards of their colors... get one that's exact or close and depending on how you burnish it you can get a good enough match that the next day you'll have trouble remembering where the hole was... have fun!

Contemporary Venetian Plaster Applications
1/8/11 12:27 PM

Idea for magazines and many reference files is is scanning filing digital files and backing up with a dedicated hard drive. This will clear out a room full of heavy clutter that will not not require movers and a truck... In the future I will move all this by tossing the hard drive into my purse! Wish me luck!

How To Declutter Your Home
10/20/10 10:22 PM

Hands down the best automatic cleanest, least stinky, cat litter device available. Worth the investment!

Top Tips for Getting Rid of Cat Odors
Reader Intelligence Report

8/19/10 11:00 PM

i've flown with my cat and my bunny.
1) your vet can give you a mild sedative.
2) get the sherpa carrier that looks like luggage i have the black one.
3) i book a window seat (so no one is on one side of you).
4) knock pussy out a tad with that sedative on the way to the airport.
5) on the plane grab a bunch of blankets (always have my own pashmina too)
6) cover up with the pashmina and blankets...maybe even an eye mask, then pull pussy out of the carrier onto my lap under the blankets.
...makes for as much comfort as you can provide pussy given the situation....and at least you can get them on your lap.

i would never travel without the mild sedative it's just too loud on the flight and overall stressful for the little guys....

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7/11/09 09:59 AM

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5/22/09 10:43 PM

check out

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10/23/08 09:19 AM
go raw !
...also consider kitties need to be acidic not balanced like us. so a 1/2 or 1/4 tab of cranberry can nip a recent problem but diet change is very important and lower stress.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Preventing Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
9/6/08 09:52 AM

hydrogen peroxide got rust stains out of granite. took about a week of soaking rags with HP and laying them on the ring stain once a day. it was AMAZING. we thought the metal plant pot had RUNIED a great granite table top but this trick did it. it likely would have gone faster if we'd changed the cloth more often.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Wonders of Hydrogen Peroxide
9/2/08 08:26 PM

it's a pool side surface. have seen it done in basements and garages too. some subs that might do it in your area are concrete subs, driveway subs, and those companies that paint garage floors.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Garden Solution: Go Geometric
9/2/08 08:13 PM

LOVE LOVE LOVE our litter robots! we have one on each floor in our old house. Tip: and when you start one use "cat attract" litter it has never failed us. we recently moved and gave our older litter-robots to our Kitty Vet's good samaritan fund and the vet techs in the office had to have a competition for who could donate for them because everyone wants them! they were 5 years old and running great! HIGHLY recommend litter-robots for indoor cats and companions that want a clean solution and don't want to have to touch "treasures"

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7/24/08 04:15 PM

These's ROCK! if you use some cat attract first all your kitties will use it (cause it's different) it saves you from all the mess and work and keeps the smell contained. they are great! a video on their website of what happens to the kitty treasures :) my older and fat kitties use it and i LOVE it!

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6/13/08 12:12 PM

i agree keep the driveway! adds value and is useful... reduces waste. you can stain the concrete in safe ways with non acid stains. you could do a pattern or just change the color if you want change.

put an add up on freecycle and craigslist and your local recycle center that you will have broken concrete. two summers ago we salvaged all around networking with concrete suppliers and contractors to get load upon load of broken up patio and driveway concrete. we used it to terrace a back yard and it worked out great! if you can be flex on your timing you can be happy and make someone else's project happy.

if you keep the driveway, then depending on the size of your patios you might be able to do some raised beds and create interest in your back and front yards.

i 100% agree with the earlier poster that you want a landscaper who does the work. don't waste your TIME or money on an architect who won't be doing the work.

good luck!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: Reuse Concrete On-site?
5/12/08 02:50 PM