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In the mid-90s, I lived half a block from this house, and right across the street from the owner. A sweet elderly woman, but also very stubborn. It saddened me that she refused to restore the house or allow others to help, so I'm glad to hear it's finally getting the rehab it's long deserved.

The Round HouseSomerville, Mass | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/7/10 03:24 AM

But won't someone please think of the records? Whenever I see a row tilting towards the floor like that, I can't help but visualize the ensuing warpage.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Our New CD Storage System
6/24/08 02:54 PM

These stackable cubes were just the thing I was looking for, as I resolved to banish the ugly -- but much beloved by my cats -- carpet-covered cat trees from the main living space of my new home. I placed by order Tuesday afternoon, and they arrived today. Fast!

The cubes themselves look great and are quite sturdy, not at all like cardboard boxes. They appear fabricated from ~1/4" particleboard/fiberboard, with reinforced strips along all interior corners. Squeezing one together with both hands, hard, made the material flex only a few millimeters. And they nest together pretty securely -- I had to smack the top edges of one to fit it into the space above the next-largest cube.

As for the crucial cat-test... they seem to be meeting with feline approval. Once I remove the old cat trees, I expect they'll fully migrate to the cubes.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Osso Co. Kitty Condo
6/5/08 02:14 PM

I hit maybe 20 different sales, scored two circa 1960s aluminum frame outdoor chairs w/vinyl spaghetti strap/cord webbing (repairs required) for $1 each. And a vintage Pan-Am flight tote for $2. A would shop again!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Seattle Late-Breaking Event: West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day
5/12/08 09:51 AM