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it's funny to read all these comments and to see how many of you want to be in warm weather, and then there's me who wants to be in cool weather. I am in sunny Miami, and it is oddly HOT here (90 degrees already).
I will def give this a try. I don't think I will lose anything by trying it, right?

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5/16/08 09:44 AM

Honestly, I don't even know where I stand in regards to IKEA. I love everything they have in the store, and I wish I was blessed to be a patient person who could take the time to look at everything and deal with the annoying people that are also taking their lovely time to look at everything as well. But I don't! I am not a patient person, I want to go there and get out as quickly as possible, but I LOVE IKEA =/ My entire house is furnished by IKEA and you really can't beat their prices.
The one closest to me is over an hour away, so we do make a list of the things we want to purchase ahead of time and once we have enough things on our list, we start to plan the infamous trip. There is not other way to do it. Once we are done, we are not only physically exhausted but mentally as well...

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5/16/08 09:35 AM

I would love to know as well...LOVE the color and I agree with first5times. The few I have found are either too blue, too purple, or too gray

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5/14/08 12:20 PM

Sabt: Thank you! I will def look into that plus it sounds like a great way to save $$

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5/12/08 11:13 AM

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I did the exact same thing this past weekend. I had been putting the whole cleaning process on hold for a while, but I couldn't take it anymore. I took advantage of the fact my husband had to work on Saturday and cleaned the ENTIRE house. It felt great and I had almost forgotten how good it feels to live in a clean, organized home

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5/12/08 10:24 AM

I know it isn't very 'green' either, but I am like that family from "my big fat greek wedding' where they can't live without windex-yep, that's me. Does anyone have a rec for a more 'green' version of windex? I would be happy to switch.
I also have Tilex =( I know...but I am new to this living alone stuff, and that's all I recognized when i went shopping for cleaning products

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Many Bottles are Under The Sink?
5/12/08 10:17 AM