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As I page through these, I realize that dark kitchens don't work for me. Winter mornings, every bit of cheeriness is necessary. For many people, gray tones read "restful," but for me, gray can only be an accent or I feel dreary. And as I've noticed with last week's kitchen re-do's, when the elements are in all-neutral tones, the look gets dated quickly. So: Yes to including color! I'm a big fan of the 40s-50s colors that remain so cheery when reinterpreted today--cherry, jadeite, buttercream, emerald, cantaloupe, aqua, sky, etc.

10 Kitchen Color Combinations We Love Kitchen Inspiration
7/28/14 05:33 PM

I prefer a handled caddy for cleaning supplies, but otherwise, love these suggestions.

A Secret Weapon to Keeping Home Clean & Tidy Comment of the Day
7/27/14 09:07 PM

My neighborhood is all adobe revival homes, built in the 40s and 50s. The ceilings are viga and latilla construction (vigas--whole pine logs straight through from front to back, latillas--pine boards laid herringbone-style between the vigas). And the roof insulation is...dirt. So, as the boards get older, as the house settles, little gaps form, and all of us have places in our homes where little piles of dirt regularly form.

What Are Your Home's Most Unusual Quirks?
7/26/14 09:25 PM

Great work!

Before & After: Amy's $200 Cocoa-Colored Kitchen Update The Big Reveal
7/26/14 06:04 PM

Lots of great ideas--for some reason, especially taken with the soft storage from dishtowels--kids' rooms, laundry room, classroom as well as kitchen.

10 Kitchen Ideas We Picked Up from IKEA's New 2015 Catalog
7/26/14 09:14 AM

So tempting to reply, "You noticed the special towels we got for you!!"

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Overnight Guests Feel at Home
7/26/14 08:58 AM

Let's suppose there are a lot of programs to help minimum wage workers out:
(1) People have to apply for them and follow up on paperwork. Applications must be reviewed, approved, files started, accounts opened, blahblahblah. Mistakes get made, they have to be straightened out. Stress and Time.

(2) Qualifying for some of these programs means a dance of "I can't take *that* job that might give me more stability or experience that might help me move up the income ladder because it doesn't offset subsidies that I have to give up if I work more hours."

(3) Subsidies for people not being paid enough for basics come out of...taxes. In other words, taxpayers are subsidizing COMPANIES.

(4) People are looked down on for taking subsidies, and may look down upon themselves. Many people do not apply for subsidies they are entitled to because they don't want to think of themselves as "needing" help, and while they may be able to eke things out short-term, it also impacts them longer-term (education, lack of savings, health, etc.)

Budget Living: Living On Minimum Wage
7/25/14 11:23 AM

You guys rock! I would never try all this by myself, w. kids and pets around--yikes!

I agree that the banister posts against all the white are looking stark rather than blend in. BUT that may be because I lived in a house with a black and white staircase treatment (treads and banister black, wainscotting, risers, and posts all white, and a black/white marble foyer floor). Also, when artwork, family pics, a coat-tree in use, a runner on the stairs, etc. are in place adding color, this may not be a big deal.

Word of warning on the white risers with a teen and cats in the house--they get dirty easily. I suggest you consider some sort of coating to clean them easily.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Renovation Diary
7/24/14 02:05 PM

A lot of people say, "work with what you have before you make changes." I think that if you've spent a lot of time in different kitchens and have strong preferences, that need not occur. I've lived in a dozen different homes, so cooked long-term in a dozen kitchens, and by the time we were in escrow for our current (and we hope, last) home, I knew what I did and didn't like. There was no way I was going to live with a yucky kitchen and then live through renovation; it was much better to design and remodel before we moved in, starting with the kitchen of *my* dreams.

Before & After: Jennifer's Sleek Shades of Gray The Big Reveal
7/24/14 12:21 PM

Really nice. Congratulations.

Before & After: Megan's Always-Evolving Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/23/14 01:56 PM

I love that this combines function with a homey (NOT homely!) feel.

Before & After: Anne's Nod to Mid-Century Kitchen Overhaul The Big Reveal
7/23/14 01:54 PM

Great job of DIY remodeling on a budget!

Before & After: Adrienne's $5,000 Fixer-Upper Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/23/14 01:51 PM

Love the green with the black and white.

Before & After: Rhoda's IKEA Kitchen With Custom Details The Big Reveal
7/23/14 01:47 PM

Pinterest also helps, whether it's just vicarious enjoyment or "visitation rights" for something you are saving up for.

How To Cut Down on Impulse Purchases, Save Money, and Buy Things You Really Like
7/23/14 12:03 AM

15 years ago, catalogs were great for satisfying the craving--I would look through them about sixty times, circle things I'd want, but ultimately, I didn't buy very much.

In a store, I try to follow my sister's lead: She discovered that when she finds something she wants, if she carries it around in her hands (not a cart) for ten minutes, she'll usually decide she doesn't need to have it. If she still wants it, and it's in the budget, she'll buy it.

How To Cut Down on Impulse Purchases, Save Money, and Buy Things You Really Like
7/23/14 12:02 AM

My sister buys a lipstick. She gets that same fun feeling: choosing, pretty packaging, new thing, and also--$12 or less!

How To Cut Down on Impulse Purchases, Save Money, and Buy Things You Really Like
7/22/14 11:59 PM

The bathroom is gorgeous, easily my favorite room in the house. The deck is wonderful, and all that light!

Of course, the graceful living room lamp is a flea-market find. Italy, no less. Anyone know of something similar that's widely available?

Jocelyn Scrapes Back Her Loft House Tour
7/22/14 11:55 PM

I like to let the rolling pin dry out a little bit to make it easy to brush off the dough. Also, if the dough had a noticeable odor, I use a little bit of a baking soda paste to scrub the pin, and rinse it in hot water, before drying it right away.

How To Clean a Wood Rolling Pin Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
7/22/14 04:09 PM

I have a container of citrus/ginger water. All I do is squeeze 1/2 lemon or lime into a jug of filtered water, grate ginger into the water, add slices of the remaining half of the fruit very thinly (this is prettier and makes the seeds pop out as you slice) and refrigerate. It is deliciously refreshing.

How I Make Tap Water More Appealing (Really!) Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
7/22/14 04:06 PM

Even though the particular design styles are not my own taste, they obviously work well together; even more importantly, the renovation creates a functional kitchen. ("Functional" is the most important praise a kitchen gets from me. When we were house-hunting, the agent always paid attention to what I said about the kitchen, and the judgment was always about how functional it was.)

Before & After: Vanessa's Mini Chef's Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/22/14 11:04 AM