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Granite feels done to death to me most of the time and I agree with the article about quartz generally being easier to care for and, certainly, more environmentally friendly. Still, a client of mine recently found a granite slab that I just love and it ended up being the focal point of her bathroom. I wrote about it here:

For a client who wanted soapstone or that kind of look in a kitchen, this kind of option would work really well and the granite would be far more durable than softer stones like soapstone. Even though I work in the industry, I am sometimes surprised at the options available out there.

Not Going Granite: Considering Quartz Surfacing
12/12/12 10:17 PM

I love the comment that the rule about painting would should be that if it's yours you can do what you want. I often see my clients clinging to pieces of "wood" furniture that they are afraid to destroy the value of. Sometimes they are just cheap veneer. Fix it up, have some fun. You might end up taking something that someone else would just throw away and turning it into something kind of fun. I did this project last weekend:

Before & After: Painted Furniture
The Best of 2010

8/27/12 06:29 PM

I am always happy to do a complimentary telephone consult at the outset, but I do charge for meeting time. It sounds like you have been billed for what you may have seen as an interview process and the designer may have seen it as part of the design process. Did the designer indicate that they do a fee initial meeting? I think the initial meeting is one of the most important parts of the process. Information gathering in the first few hours may feel like you doing all the work and the designer just sitting there, but it is the foundation to a good working relationship. If your designer/decorator isn't listening, beware. By the end of the project you should find that your designer was well worth his or her fees. Here are some ways we can save you money and mistakes:

LA Good Questions: Hiring an Interior Designer
7/20/12 12:29 PM

I agree with some of the commenters above. You need to find a designer/decorator who you "gel" with. Many of us are very good at saving our clients money, but if you are looking for frugal, you should probably avoid big names in your city. You will be paying for the status of using them. I also find many people who think they need a designer, really need a decorator. Many designers are not that interested in putting together colours and fabrics to pull a room together. If you don't need a lot of space planning, a decorator may be a better choice. There are decorators who can pull of incredibly sophisticated looks. It's no longer the case that hiring a decorator will net you results like grandma's parlour. Some tips on how we save you money here:

When to Hire an Interior Decorator
7/20/12 11:59 AM

Love the desert terrarium with white sand. I have to do one like that. I made one with pinto beans that you can see here:

25 Terrariums To Try, Buy & DIY
5/11/12 07:38 PM

These are totally adorable and something I would love to do with my kids. I also wrote an article on how to make an orchid terrarium that features multiple plants:

How to Make a Terrarium
5/11/12 07:37 PM

This is exactly what I try and emphasis to my own clients. You can have a neutral overall decor and still have a space that feels comfortable. It's all about that last 10% and the accessories. I talk about it more here:

Adding Color Without Painting: Colorful Art Really Can Do the Trick!
3/3/12 07:23 PM