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Hi there! For those of you who wanted to know the paint color it's called Gem Turquoise by Behr. It's Premium Plus paint in a Satin finish.

Cameron's New Tween Pad My Room
7/29/12 09:49 AM

Thanks so much y'all! I'll get back to you on the color of the paint. I have to check the paint can. The ceilings are about 8 or 9 feet high, I would have to re-measure once I visit the lil guy again soon. But the bed really wasn't that high. Decent height. On Ikea the measurements say 64 5/8 from the bed base which is about 5 1/2 ft. give or take and then you just have add about a foot for the hand rails. Also keeping in mind the thickness of your mattress.

As for the Spiderman toy chest I would have loved to have kept it in the room but we're talking about a Manhattan apartment here. The rooms aren't that large unfortunately so I had to work with the space I had. But no worries it's in storage! :)

Thanks for all the comments!!! So happy his room was such a huge success! I'm glad I shared it.

Cameron's New Tween Pad My Room
7/26/12 04:39 PM

Thanks guys! He sure is a lucky lil guy! He loves his new room and I'm so happy to hear y'all love it too!!

Cameron's New Tween Pad My Room
7/26/12 12:07 PM