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DO NOT BUY from Lexington Modern. Everybody is correct in saying you get what you pay for and I wasn't expecting too much as I was getting something cheap. But I did expect a delivery without much hassle. A week after my purchase had been listed as Shipped on their website, there was no tracking information from them or the shipper, whom I had never heard of, by the way. I called. Mostly got a message stating they were now closed (it was 1 PM on the west coast!). After a couple days I got someone on the phone who looked into it and found my sofa had been still sitting on their dock. A sofa sits on your dock for a week and you don't question what it's doing there? So they shipped it via another courier whom they said was more reliable. When it finally arrived a week later I was told by the driver that they are just a shipper and they don't bring items into the house--they just drop them off. So there I was, left with a sofa on the curb in front of my building. By Myself.

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