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I think a lot of New York buildings spray monthly--mine does. The problem with being the hold-out is the spray is literally flushing all of the pests out of the apartments that get sprayed and into yours.

I would see if there are other options available. If you don't have pets, Borax is an option. There are also gels (Max Force is the one I know) that you can apply to surfaces that are likely pest hangouts--under the sink, pipe fittings, etc. It's still a poison but not one that's applied indiscriminately.

Do I Have to Let Landlord Spray for Pest Control in My Rental Unit? Good Questions
9/3/13 09:41 AM

We met really briefly at the white party! The whole conference was fantastic and energizing. I think so many of us are toiling away in solitude, so it's nice to actually meet people who are doing the same thing and get it.

Apartment Therapy Over Salt Lake City
ALT Summit 2012

1/23/12 02:14 PM

An ikea kitchen island.. it effectively tripled the amount of workspace in our kitchen, plus the storage is fantastic.

Otherwise, I think our apartment is filled with a lot of "what not to get for a small apartment" :)

What's Your Best Small Home Purchase?
5/2/11 04:40 PM

For a business office, I think it looks great!

Before & After: Beth Beattie's Tiny Office Goes Glam
4/19/11 12:54 PM

Our sofa (it's the cb2 movie sofa) is enormous for our living room so I'd really like to switch to a settee. It'd free up layout options, which would let us bring in some chairs.
Only sad thing is the couch is so damn comfortable.

Loveseats & Settees: Small Space Solutions
4/9/11 01:55 AM

I first fell in love with this combination when I saw Kate Spade packaging. Loved it so much it was half of my wedding colors..

Color Combo: Olive Green and Sky Blue
11/26/10 08:06 PM

It's super glamorous on the built-ins, not sure about entire rooms though.

Luscious Lacquered Walls
11/19/10 11:11 AM

I did this last weekend. Finally boxed up all of my texts like "Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy." Goodwill is about to get a decent gender studies collection.

Day 13: Declutter Books or Media
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/3/10 01:27 PM

Doing homework right after school sounds pretty strict. When do they play outside? We always came home from school and went straight outside to play in the yard until dinner.

House Rules
Flickr Find

11/2/10 03:07 PM

Umbrellas of Cherbourg is what immediately pops in my head too. Really saturated rooms.

My Favorite Colorful Homes From Movies
10/28/10 05:02 PM

We did a 450 studio (2 people) and that was tough. We're now in a 650 one bedroom and it just feels so much nicer. 1000 would probably be ideal. But the layout is pretty key -- our studio was fairly horrible, one window and on the "bedroom" end, closet in the kitchen.. just bad. We could do a studio again if it had a really great layout, I think.

How Much Square Footage Do You Require?
8/26/10 05:04 PM

Ever since honeymooning in Palm Springs, I am positively obsessed with California design influences. Nothing but good vibes from this board.

California Dreamin'
Home Inspiration from Arcade Fire's Album Art

8/26/10 11:21 AM

DC (Capitol Hill NE) - $1800 1 br + utilities, around 650 square feet. Considered "luxury" apartment, with gym, rooftop pool, and concierge service.

Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
8/16/10 01:12 PM

The only thing I use the tape for is as a splatter guard on baseboards when rolling.
If you make a mistake doing it by hand, you can wipe paint off with a rag. Or, if it's on glass, a razor will scrape off the dry paint. So much faster than taping an entire room.
I painted for a company during my summers from college, so I guess I'm semi pro at this..

Cutting In: What's Your Preference?
8/12/10 11:24 AM

It completely depends on the reality of the way you live, not the way you wished you lived. So if you mostly watch tv and only sometimes entertain, why then, put the damn tv in front of your couch. It's silly to "de-emphasize" the tv when you watch it every day.

Apartment Therapy New York | Dealing with the Television from Apartment Therapy House Tours
9/24/09 08:15 AM

former english major here: I purged a lot of it. There are some I can't part with - potential for rereading, great notes in the margins, etc - but there are others that will forever lurk at the bottom of the bookcase.

if you get over the sentimentality associated with books, you realize it's just more crap you have to dust.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Last Taboo: Tossing Books
8/10/09 10:35 PM

not unless it's painted on black velvet and glows in the dark

Apartment Therapy DC | Survey: Obama Art In DC Museums... and Your Home?
1/8/09 04:33 PM

I don't understand why everyone cries for originality in designs. Everything has been done before. Everything.

And H&M doesn't "create trends." Pick up any fashion magazine and you can plainly see what they're riffing. If you're trying to purchase anything on trend at a low price point, you're getting something inspired by a designer item. There's no escaping that fact, so just deal.

Apartment Therapy New York | High Low Table Matthew Hilton, Atlantico CB2
1/6/09 12:27 PM

Oh come on. You have parents. You know your mom probably made all major decorating choices.

I'm sure the local hardware store is still waiting on their inclusive literature, informing them of their heteronormativity. But really, get a freaking sense of humor.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Quotes: On Wearing the "Remodeling Pants"
12/19/08 08:55 PM

Gosh we're practically neighbors.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Adam's Calm, Cool Condo Washington, DC
12/18/08 02:44 PM