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I'll probably be showing MY age when I say I never watched Baryshnikov in Sex & The City -- but I do remember him in White Nights with, I believe, Gregory Hines -- what a pairing! I remember driving up from college to see him in the early 80s in San Francisco, but as best i can recall he performed a piece that involved several quick changes and trompe-l'oeuil execution and not that much of him actually dancing.
As for the Leibovitz show, is this the same one that was in Austin a few years back? I seem to remember only portraits. One thing that struck me at that show was that they provided a taped commentary but I almost found it more distracting than helpful as far as enjoying the photographs.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990-2005 at the Legion of Honor
3/4/08 01:06 PM

At my local thrift store last month, a very cool graphic print of buzzards sitting on a power line caught my eye. It was priced at $40 but the owner gave it to me for $10 -- turned out to be a limited edition signed Charley Harper print. One of my favorite scores ever!

Apartment Therapy New York | Todd Oldham's Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life
2/4/08 10:59 AM

I gave up a job where I was commuting 45 minutes to an hour and 15 each way, depending on traffic. I was able to find a job two blocks from my home, making nearly the same amount. Now I am dreaming of moving up to the mountains -- and my commute would be an hour-plus each way. I remember how I felt that my commute was stealing my life -- but the idea of being able to live in a beautiful place is so seductive.... I always want what I can't have, i guess.

Apartment Therapy New York | Living Small = No Commute
1/15/08 10:07 AM

have you seen the chocolate and blue holiday dish towels? Cute!

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Amy Ruppel at Target
11/12/07 12:05 PM

This is my story. First, you have to understand I'm short and my husband is tall -- and stubborn. He decided we needed to take our leather couch through the front door. But the front door could only be reached via a stoop that had narrow steps at each end, too narrow for the couch -- or by heaving the couch over the railing. So we get the couch halfway over the railing and then we're stuck. I'm too short to push from the ground and not strong enough to manhandle the couch fromn the stoop. So luckily our neighbor -- who had not even met us yet -- came driving up in her pickup with her handyman. Between the four of us we finally got it in the house, albeit with a lot of cursing and some deep scratches in the back (where you can't see them, thank goodness). When we moved out, it went out the back door with no problem.

Apartment Therapy - CouchWatch '07
11/9/07 02:48 PM

Love the Seattle Ace for its design but HATE the noise factor... what does it say when there are earplugs next to your bed? Can't wait to check out Portland's Ace.

Apartment Therapy - Portland's Ace HotelSlinks n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
11/6/07 11:28 AM

If you have a larger surface, that might prove a little time-consuming. I have a Lab who seems to lose his entire body surface in hair every single day. I try to keep after it with my used dryer sheets -- they work great at picking up the hair (not the dirt though, unfortunately). They usually fall out of the dryer load onto the floor anyway, so I just push them along with my foot, catching as much hair as I can, then picking the mess up and throwing it away. Recycling at its finest.

Apartment Therapy - Sweepa Rubber Broom#comments
10/30/07 08:28 PM

Re Kate's comment -- Check around for estimates on your floor. In the past, I just hired a general handyman to sand and stain my wood floor, then I went over it myself with tung oil (time-consuming but beautiful). It was incredibly cheap, as compared to the flooring guy's estimate. In general, I find that hiring a handyman to take care of projects like that works out so much better. When I hire a "specialist" I always end up regretting it -- unless it's something complex like plumbing, of course.

Apartment Therapy - Meditation: On Getting It Together
10/29/07 11:15 AM

I've had plenty... But here are two that stand out:
The neighbor who kept four little anklebiters in his side yard. They had been de-barked but still had that annoying hoarse yap -- all day long. He also insisted that each apartment take up one space -- on a public street.
Then there were the two Goth party girls who entertained scary drunk skinheads all night. They lived above me and apparently their boyfriends enjoyed chasing their cat around the apartment. One morning at about 4 a.m. I had had enough of the loud music and went up to complain. They weren't even there. My friend and I broke in and turned the music off. Then they didn't come back for two days, leaving their cat trapped without food and water. We broke back in and rescued the cat -- but unfortunately they saw him in my window when they finally came home and took him back.

Apartment Therapy - RottenNeighbor
10/5/07 09:38 AM

I actually used a spray paint that is made for vinyl to change some orange banquette seats to black. It worked really well. I assume they still sell that stuff, you might have to call around though.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Does Anyone Know Anything about Dying Vinyl?
8/27/07 11:47 AM

How brilliant is the casting of Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody as brothers? My two favorite noses in one movie!
If you haven't seen Bottle Rocket, you need to rent it right now. Might be Anderson's funniest movie ever and Owen Wilson's best role ever as Dignan.

Interiors We Can't Wait to See: The Darjeeling Limited
7/25/07 02:43 PM

This happened to us, and we eventually discovered that the plumber has not installed P-traps on the sink/toilet/bathtub or the correct venting for the plumbing -- so methane was backing back up from the septic tank into the house. Then it happened again and we found out our iron pipes had rusted out and were spilling sewage under the house. We had to spread lime around the crawl space to kill the smell.

Good Questions: My bathroom smells like rotten eggs!
7/20/07 01:23 PM

watched some of it.... but was very disappointed to find out today I missed the best part -- Spinal Tap doing "Big Bottom" with the army of bassists. My husband was quite proud of the fact that we planted a tree that same afternoon!

July is Green Home Month!
7/9/07 11:00 AM

oh one other thing -- you could strip them to get them back to the same shade and then use tung oil to bring out the grain.

Open Thread 65
6/29/07 11:01 AM

Re the chairs: It all depends on you! Do you love the patina of the wood? Then clean them and maybe give them a light sanding and finish with tung oil. The lines of the chairs are cool enough that they will be really cute painted, if that's your preference. Can't really see the crack you mean - is it a split in the seam or what?

Open Thread 65
6/29/07 11:00 AM

The Sacramento Bee is looking for folks in our region who have struggled with issues regarding incorporating good design and living with children, if that makes sense... We are trying to put together an Interiors issue on kid's rooms for the very near future. If there are any parents out there from the Sacramento area who are interested in being a part of this story, email me at Thanks!

Open Thread 63
6/13/07 10:01 AM

Still looking for Sacramento-area parents for a feature on decorating kids rooms -- contact Liz Kellar at Sacramento Bee, my email is Help me please!

Open Thread 13
6/12/07 01:18 PM

wow. my craig's list ad is on apartment therapy.
Boy, that photo turned out kinda crappy. This is much cooler than it looks, seriously.
Please note, I priced this ridiculously high because I am not sure I want to get rid of it. If anyone is interested, I will be dropping the price substantially later today!

Hot or Not?
6/11/07 12:49 PM

The Sacramento Bee's Interiors section is planning a kid design section -- and we're looking for Sacramento-area parents with great kids' rooms. You can email me at -- thanks!

Open Thread 12
6/5/07 01:37 PM

When my son was younger, I worked for a year as a restaurant critic - and at the time, wished more restaurants had kids' menus. I was always relieved when there was something kid-friendly offered. The end result of that year is that he got into the idea of reviewing his food and started to insist on experimenting. Reverse psychology worked unintentionally here... I tried to deny him the grownup menu and he wanted it more. He doesn't always like what he orders but he still has fun trying new stuff. His grandpa stil hasn't gotten over him ordering steak and lobster when he took him out for lunch, though (and no, he didn't like the lobster that much).

Bloggint NYT: The Dreaded 'Children's Menu'
6/1/07 02:02 PM