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When I first moved in with my fiance I spent one weekend night unpacking (he works nights). I decided that the only place my desk would fit was in the location of a very large and heavy bookcase. Unfortunately we have wall to wall carpet (I usually prefer hardwood floors so in my rearranging I can use the towel idea) but somehow I got that bookcase across the entire apartment and in it's new location.

When he came home the next morning he seriously thought that I had begged one of my male friends to come over at like 2am to do it.

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3/23/09 03:11 PM

frozenemotion9- did the vet tell you to add water for a weight issue or for a kidney issue? For weight problems, it's actually better to switch them to high protein food, with minimal fillers. Such as kitten food, or some of the grain-free foods on the market. I just found that out, I wish someone told me that BEFORE my 4 year old cat was 20 lbs. ;-)

My older cat developed an allergy to grain products and all foods containing fillers so I stumbled upon that information by accident.

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3/16/09 05:16 PM

While I agree that is a bit magazine-ish, I love this use of primary colors over the way people normally think it has to be done. They included them without making me feel like I was looking at a preschool playroom, so kudos.

Overall, I liked it a lot. I wouldn't be able to put a room together that looked like it was from a magazine so good for them.

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3/16/09 03:50 PM

This is heinous.

That is all.

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3/16/09 03:44 PM

If only I had easy to feed cats. Until we find an auto pet feeder that can combine two types of wet food- mixing them well- for every feeding time, we'll have to stick to pet sitters.


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Perfect Petfeeder Luxe in the Test Lab
3/16/09 03:42 PM

You know what I think the problem is? DC is incredibly transient. Most of the young people came here purely for jobs and the older people have larger homes and families (and the larger homes are usually criticized). Until you decide you want to stay here and invest (heavily) in a home there's no point in really furnishing or putting that much effort beyond what you happen to have.

I was reading these comments and then started thinking of my friends' homes and realized that even in our late 20s most of use still just use furniture that was free. And when asked why the answer tends to be "well why buy a new couch until I decide where I'm going to permanently land?" I live in the DC area myself and I've always been in awe of other people's apartments- it's just so above and beyond what I'm willing to do right now. And I'm 28.

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3/3/09 04:01 PM


I was going to post and make a comment much like yours. Starbucks stores work with many regional charities and churches who have people coming in after closing, picking up all the leftovers for the day and take them to shelters.

My church does it with 3 of our "local" stores (which of course are within 1/4 mile radius of each other).

This made me think much more highly of them then I used to.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Store Policies: What's Your Take?#comments
11/17/08 03:18 PM

1. Pets allowed. With reasonable deposits. I've actually seen some communities where some buildings were open for pets and others weren't. That seemed to be a great solution- make allergy sufferers AND pet owners happy.

2. Closet space.

3. Outdoor area- balcony/deck/something.

4. W/D in apartment

5. Reasonable rent. No one wants to pay $1500 a month without utilities for a 300 sq foot apartment with a "sleeping nook", even if they can afford it. Nor should they be asked to. Make it possible for people to have alternate jobs then the typical high power/high stress/90K a year.

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6/12/08 05:49 AM

I think anyone who lives/lived in an earthquake zone would be uncomfortable with this. I used to live on a fault line and through all the drills they put us through, I'm petrified to even have a picture hanging above my head.

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5/15/08 06:48 AM