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If you do get the paint mixed to a pantone chip (good idea), make sure you get enough paint at the outset to complete your job. It may be difficult to come up with an exact match the second time.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Will Mixing Paint Colors Mess Up My End Result?
5/9/08 07:50 AM

Just read a lot about milk paint. Apparently if you mix it with a special bonding agent, also sold by the companies who sell the milk paint, it can be put on over regular paint. See milkpaint.com and realmilkpaint.com
The colors you get will be more interesting than regular floor colors.
My husband painted the wideboard floors, not in good condition, in our old 1830s house, in a checkerboard design using two regular floor paints. Floor paint colors are in general not particularly interesting, but the checkerboard worked. He had to outline the checkerboard on the floor with pencil and then do the painting. Very tedious but it survived for years, and the scratches and dings from usage and dragging of furniture did not prove too unsightly.
Good luck!

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5/9/08 07:46 AM