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Love the path. And from personal experience the Dusky Bells are hardy, don't need much water and are beautiful.

Laura's Backyard Renovation: The Home Stretch Renovation Diary
6/12/14 09:22 PM

PIGGY BANK! Saving up loose change is an easy way to save and you don't even realize you're saving that much until you count it. (Also, checking the bottom of my partners bag is a good source of change too.)

How To Save Money: Focus on the Present
4/29/14 07:42 AM

We are currently building and we will be painting before we move in. Just one extra coat of washable, hard wearing white paint over the already white paint. This will hopefully make it easier to maintain the walls until we decide what to do.

The One Thing Almost Everyone Gets Wrong When Moving Into a New Home
3/13/14 05:22 PM