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I like them both. At first glance I liked the wood better. But the glass/bamboo table is really nice (shows up better on the blog post). Even thought you say you have mostly silver the gold on the table looks great with your rug. I like the old door with hairpin legs and the side table. However I feel the two hair pin tables next to each other are a bit matchy. If it were my room I would mix it up a bit more. Perhaps the glass table will work with the hairpin side table. :-)

The Coffee Table Battle:
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9/7/13 09:49 PM

A few ideas. 1) Paint the tub! and maybe a paint the light fixture the same color. 2) Choose your favorite accent color... either bright or neutral. Have fun with little pops of that color here and there. The towels, mat, shower curtain, trash can, accessories could all potentially have some color. 3) if you want to go natural add some green plants. Maybe a wall planter over the toilet? with some neutral/green accents here and there.

Ideas for Blah New Bathroom?
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4/29/12 02:22 PM

I am sure the after looks better. It must be the location from which the after photo was taken. It is a bit hard to grasp the overall look of the Lady. What fun it would be to choose colors for this place. Friends of mine just painted their Lady. They had a great idea: Take a photo of the house, print it out on a large piece of paper, trace it, make photo copies of the drawing, then gather all you colored pencils and have fun! Photoshop obviously works too if you have it. :-)

Before & After: Painting a San Francisco Victorian
4/23/12 12:14 PM

I used to be a professional ballerina which obvious implies that I was super conscious of my body image. To help ease the pain of this the lovely backstage crew (prop guys) wall mounted the mirror that hung right offstage left with a little wood shiv at the base. This made the mirror slightly slant which gave a just barely noticeable slimming effect. Even though I knew of it's existence it was what I needed to abolish any ill thoughts I had of my image so I could step out onto the stage confident and feeling gorgeous!

Mirror Images: Are There Really "Skinny Mirrors" and "Fat Mirrors"?
3/2/12 07:09 PM